Why Tamil Nadu Citizens Can’t Participate in Online Prize-Winning Contests On Google Play?

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Users of Google Pay the nation are currently participating in the “Diwali Scanner” proposed by the UPI app that allows participants to win Rs 251 on getting 5 stamps (every meaning a representation of all the festivities) along with a chance to win Rs 1 lakh cash award. Related offers in over a wide period have been or are being controlled by multiple big retail brands like Amazon India and even banks which allow members to win a prize (either money or something) in light of a fortunate draw, are not available to citizens of Tamil Nadu.

Why the ban?

The Tamil Nadu government believes these exercises to be uncalled for exchange practices which could give a few organizations an edge over others to draw in new clients. Even though lotteries are restricted in a couple of different states in India, just Tamil Nadu forbids the direct of prize plans and challenges. Plans like the continuous Google Pay’s Diwali Scanner, that is appropriate crosswise over India, need to make special cases for Tamil Nadu. It is, hence, savvy to peruse the terms and conditions before taking an interest in any challenge.

What is banned?

The act bans all types of games or challenges in the state which are displayed to choose winners on a luck-based lottery framework. The Act, which was passed decades back, is additionally relevant to the new-age online challenges directed by large e-commerce or digital payment business players. Following the act, ‘Prize Scheme’ is characterized as “any design by which the name connected to any kind of award or bonus – by any means of money transfer or by portable or fixed property – is offered, or is proposed to be given or delivered to one or more persons to be determined by lot, draw or in any other method by which person who purchase or have got  goods or other items from stores, centers or any other places whatever described by the sponsors of the scheme or on any event or incident relative or relevant to the purpose of any ticket, group, number or figure in relation to such customers.” In 2003, the Jayalalithaa government had issued a notification stating the ban of the sale of the lottery, both online and paper in the state. “In application of the skills offered by Section 5 of the Lotteries (Regulation) Act,1998 (Central Act 17 of 1998), the Governor of Tamil Nadu thus restricts the selling of tickets within the territory of Tamil Nadu of all lotteries, organised, conducted or promoted by every country, including the state of Tamil Nadu.”

Results of violating the law Apart from directing such prize-winning challenges, the coordinators/brands of these challenges are likewise required to unmistakably state in the terms and conditions just as notices that clients from the province of Tamil Nadu can’t take an interest, to abstain from being punished for cheating readers. Inside the express, these notices that are generally advanced in different states, are additionally prohibited. The breach of the rule could lead to imprisonment for a period extending from 3 months to 3 years.

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