Why hundreds of restaurants shutting down in Bengaluru even though making huge profits?

Bangalore Restaurants

Restaurants business in Bangalore has gone towards the worst in the last two years. After The Smoke Co, Bflat Bar and Restaurant and The Humming tree, Monkey Bar in Indra Nagar going to shut down its service from November 24th Onwards and many more restaurants going to close their services very soon even though they are making profits.

Here are the reasons behind that

  • After the Mumbai fire incident authorities started digging through all kinds of rules and made knee-jerk reactions they suddenly wanted every restaurant in Bengaluru to have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from fire Department as in order to get NOC restaurant building essentially has to break down an entire building and build it again too.
  • Then Public Entertainment License (PEL) is another major problem that is mandatory for all the restaurants as in order to get a PEL restaurant must have an Occupancy certificate which 92% of Bangalore restaurants don’t have.

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