What Is The Future Of Money Making Through YouTube?

dmca guidelines
Image source: YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Recently, new DMCA guidelines were declared for YouTube. These guidelines will have a change on the platform and an impact on the channels. It is important to note that YouTube has a strict ‘three strikes and you are out’ policy. This means if we accumulate three policy violations, our YouTube account will be shut down permanently and we won’t be able to access any of the videos and information uploaded there. So let us look at some of the changes and their impact on money-making through YouTube.

dmca guidelines
Image source: YouTube

No More Tricking Way to the Top

YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy prohibits the creators from boosting their account subscribers using tactics like free giveaways and sub-for-sub. This was a common practice in the earlier days of YouTube. Some YouTubers turn to third party plug-in like Gleam, to conduct contests and giveaways. Now, YouTube has made the process of reaching to the top natural, people can’t apply any tactics. This makes the process of money-making difficult but also fair.

More Than 100K Subscribers for the Channel to be verified

Earlier, all channels had to have at least 100K subscribers to get the verification badge. But now we need to have more than 100K subscribers to be verified. Also, it is a notable achievement. The badge leads creators to work harder to attain it. People tend to trust the channels with badges and it contributes to growth. So now, it has become harder to attain badges as well as earn money but it also makes it worth it.

Pay Attention to Video Thumbnail

Many YouTubers have figured ways of having their videos pop by leveraging both their thumbnail and title. Successful titles are more straightforward and clickable, also this helps them rank higher on Google. The thumbnail is what the viewers are drawn to; it immediately answers what the viewer should expect from the video. Not all thumbnails do this; some just want to attract people.

2020 is to be a tumultuous year for the YouTubers. Many of the creators flock to social media to voice their displeasure and confusion regarding the implications of these changes. Also, YouTube was forced to react since there have been several amendments made to the vague clauses within the lengthy DMCA guidelines. The future of making money through YouTube has become hard as well as fair. The process has become transparent and natural for the creators.

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