Top Successful Startups of India

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India a youthful nation, who’s the normal age group of 29 years, is seeing noteworthy development in its startup atmosphere. These new companies who are making their essence felt both nationally and overseas. Their stirring stories have cleared the streets for every maturing business visionary and moving numerous youthful minds to deal with their own plans to make greater work.

The administration of India additionally started Startup India program for evolving business visionaries.

This post below list down the best running startup stories which got another flood of vitality in the Indian startup system.


Logo of ShopClues

ShopClues is India’s first and the greatest commercial center, measuring more than 100 million month to month visitors on its site. Set up in July 2011 in Silicon Valley, with 5cr recorded items and more than 500000 + sellers, ShopClues plans to give the best internet shopping background to its customers, starting from the exceptional decision, low esteem, comfort, speedy transport, and best customer support.

Radhika Agarwal, Chief Business Officer, and Co-creator state, “When we started ShopClues, one thing was sure that India has no association with the web business. Trust online was much lower than what we would discover in continuously made countries. The sellers have not been exhibited to web business, the clients were in like manner not introduced to web exchange. Our conviction was that for sellers to expedite shippers the web and to expedite the business the web, we have to do a huge amount of handholding of the merchants, give them the instruments the advancements, enable them, empower them, so that, through them, we will very likely give an uncommon experience to our customers”.

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