Top 5 trends for investors in 2020

trends for investors

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed things and taken them to a quite new level. Yet, it makes sense even today to not go overboard. Especially, predicting entire changes to society. A nicer idea is to look at the opportunities that particular trends for investors, already in place, will see accelerated development, as a consequence. In this context, here are five trends for investors to consider.



Personal transports, especially, cars are making a comeback. The reason is the fear of getting a viral infection in a public place. It may well change consumer attitudes toward using a car rather than public transport for travel.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about older cars as well as new vehicles. Because older cars will need the ultimate service. Therefore, investing in stocks that make money from servicing of automobiles might make more sense as a trend for investors.


There isn’t any doubt that e-commerce sales are already in a long-term uptrend. But it seems the COVID-19 is going to encourage more families worldwide for the same. Indeed, that is good news for e-commerce-related corporations in the near term. Nonetheless, it’s also good in the long term. As we mentioned above, there might come a structural shift in some buyers’ behavior.

If so, then it’s likely to profit the usual suspects such as

Factory automation

The trend toward the increased use of robotics and automation is already in place. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to give it a boost. Not only does automation help reduce costs, but It also helps firms avoid some of the extensive shutdowns put in place by the pandemic.

Additionally, the increased use of automation could make it more doable for industrial companies to invest in bringing back manufacturing.

Increased awareness of health and safety

The explosion in demand for personal protective equipment is obviously benefiting some companies, like 3M with its N95 respirators, in the short term. Nonetheless, it will become a long-term driver as well. For example, food safety, clean water, and hygiene company Ecolab have an opportunity to benefit due to its market leadership in sanitation.

Safe buildings

The pandemic is also likely to raise the awareness of commercial and institutional building landlords on the subject of health conditions in buildings.

This is a theme that the CEOs of Honeywell and air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating, along with, refrigeration company Carrier which makes sensors for buildings.

CEO of Carrier, Dave Caitlin sees an opportunity for his company to stand at the forefront of the effort. To improve the health of buildings through its ventilation and filtration solutions.

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