Top 5 tips for buying shares in a volatile market

share market

Volatile markets, as clear by the name itself,  where price move unpredictably. In simpler terms, where the prices are not stable. Isn’t volatility one of the major characteristic of markets? Meaning we really never know when the price will go up or fall down.

So, we can simply accept that volatile markets are going to exist there no matter what. But, is there any way through which one can play safely while buying shares in a volatile market? Can volatility benefit you as an investor?

Of course!

Let’s see the pro tips for buying shares in a volatile market.

volatile markets


Plan for long term

In volatile market times, especially, remind yourself that you are an investor. Meaning You don’t care what the price is in the time period of 6 months. What you care about is the price in 6 years’ time.

It means you will not get influenced by the short term changes. Because you are here for the long term.

Build a broader perspective

In today’s technology-driven era, it isn’t any tough to get the top ideas, suggestions, and perspectives. Instead of getting tensed about the volatile market, read business sections of the top publications. Look for what actually is happening in the market? What is the cause and how it will shape the future in all?

Don’t compare

You took a decision to invest in shares in a volatile market. And hence, you did it.

Now, there isn’t any point in comparing, predicting the other possibilities. Like,

If I have deposited it in a bank that it might have grown that much.

Or this market is so volatile. I wish I wouldn’t have invested in these shares.

We clearly know that we have invested in shares for our financial goals. So, don’t get influenced by what that random somebody is suggesting to you. And stay on your track!

 Welcome risks

You have got savings and you want them to grow. You had a chance to put them in the bank and in about a thousand years only they will have doubled.

Instead, you have decided to buy shares because your investment time frame is a little more near term than 1000 years.

You are chasing higher returns. The reason share market investments pay returns higher than cash is because investors are ready for these risks.

Stop checking frequently

Checking the stock market and rates in every 30-40 minutes. Is it good?

No, right. Because it will not increase your shares in any kind. What it can do is increase your anxiety.

Hence, take a chill pill and stop checking it that often.

After considering, all five tips, what comes, in conclusion, is that the investor needs patience. The strength to stay calm in volatile markets.