Top 5 Smartphone Apps Design Trends in 2019

Mobile Apps Trends

The importance of smartphone apps for companies can be determined from the fact that 87% of smartphone users contribute their time on apps preferably more than web browsers for the buying of products or items. According to an evaluation, approximately 269 billion apps had been downloaded in 2018. As of 2019, over 2 million apps are provided to download on the Google Play store, although 1.83 million apps are provided on the Apple App Store. These statistics highlight the importance of having an exceptional mobile app design approach for the market.

However, simply developing an app is not enough. The user experience counts a lot for its success. If the app has issues related to navigation, hierarchy, images, downloading and is unable to drive traffic, then converting the potential users into customers will be difficult as these drawbacks would desist them from buying products.

With the changing requirements of businesses and customers, strategists come up with new solutions for mobile apps. The emphasis is on making apps user-friendly and enhancing the user experience. Therefore, new ways of incorporating navigational buttons, trendy designs along with the latest relevant features are being implemented every year.

Here are the top 5 Smartphone apps design trends you can follow:

Face ID

Modern releases from the best smartphone companies of the world, of a buttonless smartphone touchscreen have transformed the way a UI/UX design could be imagined. Businesses are now driving users towards technology that assists gestures. Face ID is a new trend that enables the users to avoid the ‘home’ button. With companies offering smartphones with the “facial recognition” trait to unlock smartphones, mobile app development companies have begun performing similar feature within their apps also. Unquestionably, 2019 is the age when Face ID will be adopted more broadly.

Videos & Animations

The number of users is turning shorter with every moving day, making it down to 8 secs from 12 secs. Therefore mobile app designers are now producing short videos or animations with individual content that are eye-catching, impressive and appealing if prepared the right way. These changes have to be less in size than normal ones to avoid reducing the app’s performance.

Those are simply a few of the courses that are expected to develop mobile app design during this year. So, if your business app is not operating on planned courses, redesign it with new user-friendly highlights.

Branding & Story-telling

Many business houses feel that their mobile apps can operate a key role in making essential and long-lasting connections with customers. Having this in understanding, designers are building mobile app designs that tell a brand story. Such designs are particularly essential in driving a support business and creating a suitable client foundation. Design and graphics are being frequently exercised in such instances.

Few of its highlights incorporate:

  • Stress on storytelling and branding
  • Addressing a customized app activity to the user
  • Giving a suitable and local experience
  • Utilization of modern technologies

Simplified User Interface

User interface design aims to present the user’s interaction as uncomplicated and simplistic as possible. The UI not simply centers on the aesthetics but additionally increases responsiveness, effectiveness, and approachability of a website. A great UI can turn possible guests to customers. Utmost UI designs are simple designs to satisfy the digital screen.

Some highlights of UI for the app incorporate:

  • Accuracy and functionality of the UI
  • Utilizing the benefits of digital screens
  • Details of minimalism used in UI design
  • Unused screen area

Choices for Navigation

Transparent navigation within apps is a mark of a strong design. Simple and productive navigation is the latest trend that designers are centering on.

Some of the highlights for navigation include:

  • Further navigational choices such as upright, modular, parallel, protected navigation and parallax scrolling
  • The navigational button that is present on the screen for some time and goes on after no action
  • Modular scrolling to scroll within rows of information
  • Endless scrolling for mobile applications holding a huge number of data and content.
  • Parallax scrolling for instinctive navigation

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