Top 5 Sites To Invest In Bitcoin


More and more people have increased their investments with bitcoins. This has made most businesses accept bitcoins as a mode of payment and few have become a “bitcoin-only” business. What makes bitcoins so famous its low fee, less regulatory structure, good returns, more secure, and nature of accessibility.  

So if you are planning to invest in bitcoins here are the top 5 sites that you should go for:

Image source: CryptingLives

Swan Bitcoin

It is currently available in 49 states of the USA. Swan has made the investment process easy. Just link your bank account, fix an amount, choose a savings option and it will convert your dollar bills to bitcoin savings. It is designed to invest more at lower prices and less at higher prices.

FEATURES: Automated recurring purchases, hassle-free, Can use bitcoin as a gifting option, focuses on educating customers, referral program and auto withdrawals.


Amber is currently available in Australia. It focuses on making recurring buys of bitcoin easy. It has an easy to understand design and provides simple ways to acquire bitcoins

FEATURES:  Mobile application available on both android and iOS devices, high-qua;ity content, and can be used for one-time purchase as as well. 

Bull Bitcoin

It provides a fixed rate bitcoin exchange system. It is one of the most preferred sites because they focus on cyber-security, privacy of data and gives users full custody of their Bitcoins.

FEATURES:  Individual control to users, Automated Cost Averaging, Scalable and easy conversion of dollars.

Cash App

CashApp is currently available in the USA. It is the most trusted ap when it comes to bitcoins and is very popular. It was created by Square/Twitter. Square is the first company ti=o trade bitcoins publically. Apart from having a great UX design, It offers a PayPal/Venmo experience to users and also deals in stocks along with bitcoins. 

FEATURES: Available on both iOS and android, Faster than any other app, more secure, facilitates direct deposit paychecks, international payments, and easy buying and selling of bitcoins.


It is currently available in the UK. Coinfloor is a top BTC investment site. It is the oldest operating bitcoin site in the UK. It is the only platform Bitcoin Audits in the world. Coinfloor is curated to serve only corporates, institutional investors, and professional traders.

FEATURES: Provides proof of reserves, Automatic recurring buys, offers legitimacy, and OTC Trading desk.

In conclusion, these are the top 5 sites to invest in Bitcoin. You can choose any site depending upon your needs and amount of investments.

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