Top 5 Investment Management Companies Worldwide


Wondering about the investment management companies which are notable in the world? Want to know about the top 5 investment management companies worldwide?

To begin with, finding the best has never been an easy task though. Additionally, it is time-consuming. Yet, it isn’t impossible. So, we are here today with the top 5 investment management companies that outshine Internationally. Let’s see.

investment management companies
Image source: Investopedia

Invesco Ltd

Providing its services from the past 80 years, Invesco Ltd. is one of the top investment management companies worldwide. Basically, the company gives over 100 ETFs through its Invesco Capital Management LLC division.

 Looking for a company that offers a variety of mutual funds.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Management & Research Company had 24 million clients in present with $6.9 trillion in collective assets. Further, the firm proposes 386 mutual funds, including domestic equity, sector-specific, fixed-income. It also offers foreign assets, index, asset allocation funds, and money market.

Searching the Largest Company…?

BlackRock, Inc.

The largest investment management company in the world with over 12,000 employees, in 70 offices, across 30 countries. At the time, BlackRock Inc is popular among investors. iShare, ETF division of Blackrock has $1.6 Billion in AUM globally.

The Vanguard Group

One of the most famous investment management companies, The Vanguard Group. Without a doubt, It caters to the needs of over 20 million clients across 170 countries. Vanguard started in 1975, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, as a division of Wellington Management Company. Since its launch, Vanguard has grown its total investments to $5.1 trillion as of October 2018. Of its 388 funds, 180 are U.S. funds, involving the prominent 500 Index and Total Stock funds of Market.

Essentially, It provides brokerage services, educational account services, financial planning. Furthermore, variable and fixed annuities, trust services, and asset management.

Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC

The global firm, Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO) gained attention in 1971 in Newport Beach, California. Since starting, PIMCO has grown its investments or AUM to $1.77 trillion as of October 2018. Moreover, the firm houses over 775 investment professionals, each averaging 14 years of investment experience.

In addition, Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) leads in the sector of fixed income with over 100 funds.

Hereafter, the top 5 investment management companies across the world are in front of you. All are working tremendously at the international level since the day they have started. Which one would you prefer for your investment management?