Top 5 Clinical Cancer Startups To Watch Out In 2020


According to the World Health Organization(WHO), the second leading cause of worldwide deaths is Cancer. There is a huge number of case reports of cancer annually. Therefore, clinical cancer research startups and healthcare providers look forward and try to come with out-of-the-box diagnostic techniques and methods to combat cancer.

These healthcare providers and clinical cancer startups are coming up with newer ideas that one has never expected, to treat cancer. Henceforth, it becomes a sort of requisite to know about those top-performing and the best clinical cancer startups.

The most common types of cancers are breast cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer. Fortunately, early detection can treatment can always help to cure these diseases.

clinical cancer startups
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Moderna Inc.

Moderna Inc. is the most famous clinical cancer startup which is USA based and has funding worth $1.7B. They provide a new category of drugs that are made up of messenger RNA (mRNA). Based on this only, their clinical cancer startup has a name “Moderna”.


A clinical cancer startup that came up with the idea of utilizing the immune system cells of the body for the extermination of tumor cells from the patient’s body.

Consequently, there this idea of using inherited things of the body has achieved much success and admiration. Moreover, they also provide treatments and diagnosis for patients with multiple cancers.


Providing the best of the best-personalized immunotherapy and other services, BioNTech is the European Clinical Cancer Startup. It is concerned about people with cancer and hence, offers top-level treatments worldwide.

Guardant Health

With having funding of $550 m, Guardant Health is also a USA based clinical cancer startup. Simply a blood test takes us to a new dimension in cancer management. Guardant360 is the only biopsy-free tumor test that tracks tumor cells in real-time and identifies related treatment options.


This clinical cancer startup is progressing diagnostics to better observe and target particular disease characteristics. NantHealth Solutions transforms clinical delivery with real-time clinical data and promoting wellness for a healthier world.

To summarize, these top 5 clinical cancer startups are working to increase awareness and help fight cancer. They aim to promote its prevention and treatment as well as detection.

Moreover, all of these clinical cancer startups are available even in this pandemic times. Further, health experts suggest that one can always prevent cancer by avoiding its risk factors such as an unhealthy diet, tobacco, and alcohol consumption.

Praying for a healthier and happier world!!