Top 5 Breast Cancer Startups To Watch Out In 2020


Why Breast Cancer Startups?

breast cancer startups
Image source: Startups tips

One of the worldwide leading causes of death in women is breast cancer. Studies show that in the U.S., 1 in every eight women has the potential risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, in this modern technological era, a lot of breast cancer startups are emerging and making their way in healthcare industries. Of course, to facilitate the women in the fight against breast cancer.

Here are some honorable breast cancer startups that are doing wonders in their field.


breast cancer startups
Image source: 23andme

Providing top-quality reports that meet FDA standards. 23andme is the one and only breast cancer startup that offers direct-to-consumer DNA report tests.

Above all, it has more than three million genotyped customers all across the world.

This breast cancer startup started in 2006 and has a funding of $786.1 m, today in 2020.


Standing on the 2nd number in our list of top 5 breast cancer startups is BioNTech with a funding of $741.9M.

Popular among healthcare industries as the European Breast Cancer Startup, BioNTech is here to offer out-of-the-box treatments and diagnosis as well as methods of prevention. This breast cancer startup offers various patient-oriented immunotherapies.

Epic Sciences

Offering Breast Cancer Diagnostics at a whole new level, this breast cancer startup which is popular as the name of Epic Sciences is doing wonders. Specifically, It has two programs that can detect early-stage cancer. To put it in other words, this can early detect breast cancer.

Furthermore, it provides real-time biopsy material.

Paige Diagnostics

Paige Diagnostics is that sort of a breast cancer startup that is using AI technologies perfectly and appropriately for diagnosis. Undoubtedly, these AI technologies give disease insights that are extremely important.

Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

As cancer can grow in our body, therefore, this breast cancer startup use checkpoint inhibitors and novel immunotherapy that stops the immune system suppression. Similar to Epic Science, Oncolytics Biotech too has 2 ongoing programs to detect early-stage breast cancer and early detect breast cancer.

Accordingly, it is also working exceptionally in its field of healthcare industries.

Therefore, you have got to know these top 5 breast cancer startups that are doing wonders with their work all around the world.

Though, cancer is a thing that most of us get scared about as soon as we hear about it. Further, breast cancer is something much fearsome.

Yet, as they say, when there is a problem then there is a solution too.

Hence, these breast cancer startups have emerged there as that solution on the global level.