Top 5 Best Investments In 2020


Reaching the top level of returns as soon as possible without losing the principal money. Is that what you have included in your investment goals? Most of the investors tend to look for the best investment plans. In other words, top investment plans that can ensure a great profit within a few months or years but, without any risk or little risk. However, a high-return, low-risk investment plan does not exist. At least, not in the present time. In contrast, high-risk is equal to high return kind of investment plans is what actually exists nowadays. That is the reason why ready for risks is a must-have in investors. Therefore, we can look for the top 5 best investments that one can make in 2020.

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Real Estates

Investing in Real Estate is one of the best investments to make. However, the current housing market is a thing that one should keep in mind. Further, the current interest rate environment along with rental prices is also a factor that one should consider before investing. Yet, if these factors are in your favor then, real estate can actually prove itself the best investment decision you would ever have taken.

Are you a long-term investor looking for the best investment plans in 2020?


Representing a share of ownership in an entity or company, stocks are one of the most preferred investments by long term investors.

Have you been finding an investment plan with profitable returns but the lowest risks?

Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit is the best investment option for those with low-risk appetite. As fixed deposit provides you with the certainty of assured returns after a fixed period of time. Due to the flexibility and convenience of fixed deposits, these are one of the most commonly done investments. Even, high-risk appetite investors invest in Fixed Deposits for overall stabilization.

Are you a medium risk appetite investor that haven’t found anything to suit their preferences?

Mutual Funds

With the comfort of low initial investments, Mutual funds are mutable and one of the best investments for medium-risk investors in 2020.

Public Provident Fund

One of the most commonly trusted and the best investment plans in India is the Public Provident Fund. It pays interest rates annually. This investment just requires a minimum investment amount of Rs 500 per year. It has a life of 15 years with the permission of partial withdrawals.

Furthermore, investors get a high rate of interest with this best investment.

To sum up, the best investment plan for you is the one that matches your financial conditions along with your investment goals and risk appetite. Some of these investments are fixed-income meanwhile others depend on the market. However, both together play a crucial role in overall wealth creation.