Top 5 best industries for investors in 2020

best industries for investors

Since the stock market continues to trend upward, many investors are choosing to invest there. But some investors may also want to put their money in specific industries. There are various industries for investors with a high probability of growth in 2020.

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Fidelity’s recent report shows that real estate, health care, utilities, and consumer staples were industries set to continue their growth even in 2020. Following are the top 5 best industries for investors in 2020:

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An industry that is more focused on the manipulation of living organisms to create commercial products.

Wait, what is it?

In other words, the biotech industry creates products for four major industries:

First is obviously, healthcare;

second crop production and agriculture; third non-food (industrial) uses of crops and other commodities; and fourth is environmental uses.

Because biotech makes products across four huge industries, many of which are already growing. Therefore, it’s not difficult to see why people are more inclined to invest here in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the best investments for 2020 in technology, is artificial intelligence.

Many of us are already impressed by the new cars that drive themselves. The truth is, we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to the possibilities of AI.

Market experts predict the main drivers to get in 5G and cloud technologies. With technology repeatedly changing and innovating, along with a heated race between the U.S. and China in AI. This industry is going to remain a strong investment option in 2020.

Oil & Gas Exploration

People within the Oil and Gas industries are investing in their own industries. Isn’t it a good sign itself?

It is, of course, because these people usually have the best idea of future growth potential. Shares in energy companies that have previously remained low-value; are now bouncing back and this is likely to continue throughout the year 2020.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Mortgage interest rates remain extremely poor, making the real estate industry an appealing place to invest. As borrowing money is so cheap right now, more people are indeed choosing to buy real estate, fortunately.

Real Estate Investment provides a manageable way for people to invest in real estate, without having to buy a property themselves. Investors just buy into a trust with other investors to fund a real estate project rather than buying a property.


CBD or Cannabidiol was a prominent trend last year and will continue in 2020. CBD is a compound found in hemp plants and is now legal in all 50 U.S. states.

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