Top 5 Accounting Firms In India For Small Businesses


An Accounting Firm is a company that qualifies for providing accountancy and related facilities to a business. The reason because of which a small or growing business needs an accounting firm is to handle the finances. Many small businesses fail in a span of one year because of poor finances. Accounting Firms also help to plan the use of your finances to help the growth and development of the business. So now as we know why these firms are important, let’s take a look at 5 Accounting Firms that will help you plan your finances:

Top 5 Firms in India for Finance Professionals | Manipal ProLearn
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Firstly, Quatrro. It is a global company that offers business and knowledge processing services to organizations that seek higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility, and lower operating costs. For more than 21 years, companies have been relying on them for their expertise in the accounting field. They also have sub-lineage for business which helps the clients with technology-based, expert knowledge while using the resources of Quatrro.

With over 80 enterprise clients, 15,000+ SMB and SOHO customers, 1,000,000+ retail customers from all around the world.

TopSource Global Solutions

TopSource Global Solutions provide you with a vast variety of employment solutions that help you to increase your business in various ways. They guarantee that the services provided by them are offered by the best global payroll service providers from across the world.TopSource Global Solutions are an award-winning business with great clients that support their objective to ensure that only the best is provided to all, with a delivery of more than 1.4 million payslips every year to the 1,000 clients. As the PEO/EOR  international services provider, they are able to manage all the aspects that a business is required to.


This firm offers world-class SAP consulting services by utilizing refined creations and methodologies and creating a great business. Tier USP is the problem-solving skills, technical knowledge, and project execution that they are inherited with. They strive to give their best and provide high-class services to their clients and Fortune 500 companies.


Max BPO is a global corporate company that provides solutions for businesses with the utmost dedication and hard work. They operate around the globe with their sales and delivery centers being in the USA and India. They are grounded with a talent to help their clients stay big and grow bigger. Max BPO helps startups, grown businesses, mid-size, and 500 Fortune companies.


Built-in 2008, Cogneesol is a world-wide known global business process outsourcing firm. The distinct quality of theirs is that they bring IT and consulting services under an umbrella and refer to their clients. Strategizing with unrivaled experience through the years and their ability to manage in all the sectors, they give efficient, benefiting, and resourceful services to their clients.

In conclusion, Now that we have looked upon some of the firms in the business, choose the one that suits your company the best and Start Growing!

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