Top 32 High-Paid Jobs For People Who Can’t Work Under Pressure

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Thinking that there’s nothing of the sort as a high-paid, low-stress work? Rethink and you will get to know that there are many.

Yes, it’s true.

To secure positions with that ideal mix of high pay and low-stress job, we sifted through the Occupational Information Network(O*NET), a US Department of Labor database that gathers point by point data on many employments and took a gander at pay information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics site.

O*NET rates the stress resilience for each activity on a scale from zero to 100, where a lower rating signals less stress. (Note: We are not saying these jobs are “cool” – they simply will in general rate lower than different callings.)

To rate each activity, O*NET takes a gander at how every now and again laborers must acknowledge the analysis and manage high anxiety at work.

Here are 32 jobs that pay more than $70,000 every year, all things considered, and earned a stress resilience rating of 71 or lower, altogether from most elevated to least pressure score.

Medical scientist

Picture of Medical scientist

Stress forbearance: 71 

Average yearly income: $79,370 

Work they do: Direct research managing the comprehension of human maladies and the improvement of human wellbeing by taking part in clinical examination, innovative work, or other related exercises. 

Education qualification needed: Doctoral or professional degree

Dental hygienist

Picture of Dental hygienist

Stress forbearance: 71 

Average yearly income: $72,720 

Work they do: Clean teeth and look at oral territories, head, and neck for indications of oral sickness. May instruct patients on oral cleanliness, take and create x beams, or apply fluoride or sealants. 

Education qualification needed: Associate’s degree

Chemical engineer

Picture of Chemical engineer

Stress forbearance: 71

Average yearly income: $103,960

Work they do: Structure chemical plant equipment and devise forms for assembling chemicals and products like fuel, manufactured elastic, plastics, cleansers, bond, paper, and mash, by applying standards and innovation of science, material science, and design.

Education qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree.


Picture of Microbiologist

Stress forbearance: 71 

Average yearly income: $76,230 

Work they do: Examine the development, structure, advancement, and different qualities of minute creatures, for example, microscopic organisms, green growth, or parasites, and now and then investigation the connection among life forms and sickness or the impacts of anti-infection agents on microorganisms. 

Education qualification needed: A bachelor’s degree, and some employers may need a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Postsecondary psychology teacher

Picture of Postsecondary psychology teacher

Stress forbearance: 71 

Average yearly income: $79,370 

Work they do: Teach courses in psychology, for example, kid, clinical, and formative brain research, and mental advising. Incorporates the two instructors fundamentally occupied with educating and the individuals who do a mix of instructing and research. 

Education qualification needed: Doctoral or professional degree.

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