Top 3 Expert Tips To Grow Your Sales In The Pandemic


Instead of the updates or hoax on COVID-19 from the media, the economic uncertainties due to the Pandemic should be motivation enough to prepare a strategy to maintain and even grow your sales. No doubt, the new normal is quite different. It has been almost a year since the business has dwindled, and a strategic sales plan can improve.

But now the question arises, can you still grow your sales despite the challenges during the Pandemic. And the answer is definitive, maybe because a volatile economy creates just as many opportunities as it destroys. Here are the Top 3 expert tips for growing the sales during the Pandemic –

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Image source: Entrepreneur

Improvise the messaging as per the options and times

It has different segments. The first segment is that instead of focusing on sales of the product/services, the company should focus on customer’s needs.

For Example – Lifebuoy advertisement nowadays advertises that their soap can kill all the viruses, but they also say that use any soap that you have to keep hands germ free and clean. It impacts customer’s perception towards the company and enhances goodwill.

The second segment is about the service sector companies. They must ensure that they give a committing deadline for the product’s delivery so that neither it shouldn’t fail nor be too long for a customer to change their purchasing decision.

The company also mentions the positive message, highlighting the tireless commitment of its employees, which will earn them loyalty and sympathy.

Work on the Visuals

A new way of conveying messages nowadays is using Memes. The Pandemic has originated many cute memes and visuals. Using animated visuals of the virus or the masks or so on to create visuals will strengthen a company’s sales. It gives a perception to the customer that the company will take care of the customer’s safety during the Pandemic.

Improvise the Social Media Strategy

Social Media has become the savior for a lot of businesses during the Pandemic. A lot of companies, for example – Automobile Company Morris Garages, launched its product recently called MG Hector on Social Media platform. Through the proper social media strategy, we can promote a business inexpensively.

But, Let me stress again, COVID-19 Pandemic should not be considered as a marketing opportunity. It should be used as an opportunity to make business more efficient, customer-driven, and data-driven. Marketing and sales will never be the same after COVID-19, so don’t hold on to the past. Instead, it’s time to shed unnecessary costs and embrace innovative marketing tools.