Top 10 tips to promote your business with less cost


Promoting a small business when you are just starting up is an ongoing challenge. With a limited budget also there are ways by which you can bring your name in front of potential prospects. How do you think you can promote your business when the budget is tight? Expensive marketing is just an excuse. No doubt traditional advertising methods are costly and having a small business pulls you back if you feel the marketing tools are not cost-effective. There are a bunch of ways by which you can promote your business at less cost.

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Start a website or blog

Start a website or blog, the first and the best way to promote your business. You might think that you need a web design company, but no you probably can do it on your own. Free platforms are available where you can create an attractive website without paying even a penny.

Social Media

Get active on your social media sites to promote your business. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are the best social media apps you can work from. Regular posts and promotion of your business will pull you good leads. You don’t need pricey social media marketing campaigns and tools. Sign up on these for free and use it to your best.

Press Releases

Press releases can expand your reach. Some websites allow you to submit press releases at zero cost. Utilize these sources to share news about your business. You can reach an interested journalist who will then contact you for a story.

Buddy marketing

Cross-promotion or buddy marketing involves joining up with other businesses and merging all the resources to promote your business. To have a great reach, buddy marketing is a great way.


You can organize a seminar because that will help you promote your business through presentations. You have expertise in the field then you should gather people with the same interest by explaining them to your business.


Network with the people who are doing the same type of work. Maintain a good relationship with them to learn their strategies and ideas. Never try stealing their customers because that would pull your reputation down.


You can also apply for business awards online. If you are lucky enough to get badges, it will be very helpful. It can boost your credibility and increase your sales. The badges you have achieved should be placed on the website so that you get attention through it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get new people engaged with your business, as well as maintaining older relationships with clients. Bring exciting offers to gather more attention.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a creativity that is highly budget-oriented. It is cheap and easy especially when localized.


Ask for feedback from the people, this is a must thing to keep growing. Always focus on improvising and getting better day-by-day.

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