Top 10 Most Expensive Movie Theatres of India

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Movies are a great source of entertainment and fun for a lot of people. A large part of the world spends a lot of their times in watching movies. People eagerly wait for the movies to release which has their favourite actors or plot. And not everyone enjoys movies on their laptops or mobile phones. There is nothing that can give you the movie-experience that a theatre can give. For film lovers, watching a film makes them feel happy and entertained, however, a few movie theatres are carrying this happiness to another level.

Before it was a simple hall, where we used to go to watch movies and films. Now since the love for movies is increasing the theatres have also worked on themselves to attract more audience. From comfort to food everything is updating day by day.

Though they are also becoming expensive people don’t mind to pay the amount for that particular experience. There are still theatres which are low cost and have good services but to get the amazing experience of living a movie can only be in theatres with high cost. Once you see their offering and options, believe me, you won’t hesitate to spend. But also not everyone can afford the high price so many theatres have good services at low cost as well. And theatres come up with deals and offers on the tickets and food items frequently if you want to save money keep a check on it.

So in this article, we will be talking about some of the most expensive movie theatres in India. We will be talking about the theatres situated in areas like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi etc. Since there are a lot of movie lovers in India. We have our very own Bollywood and a large part of India follows it and eagerly waits for new releases. Indian theatres have seen a huge update in the last decade because of the increasing love of people for movies.

People pay without hesitation to get a high-level of satisfaction while watching the movies. The prices of the tickets so high when the movies are of some superstars like SRK, Salman Khan etc. or are presumed to be a blockbuster. Some movies go on in the theatres for years and people still love them like Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Next, we will talk about South India, they have their Tollywood. It’s not that they don’t watch or enjoy Bollywood movies but they have immense love for Tollywood. Tollywood produces movies in south Indian languages. Tollywood movies are also enjoyed by the rest of India when dubbed in Hindi. So after talking about the theatres all over India we will talk about the best theatres in Bengaluru. Bengaluru alone has some amazing theatres from reasonable to high-cost, from screens for Tamil movies to Hindi movies.

The love for movies is not restricted to India only; a large part of the whole world enjoys and is fond of movies. English movies have their fan base. There are some amazing and expensive theatres all over the world which are much more than just theatres. They have some extraordinary services and options which you will be amazed to experience. You can’t expect or think of those things in a normal theatre. So we will also talk about them so that if you ever go out of your country you can experience these places.

Top Theatres of India

As we already talked about how much Indians love watching movies so now we will talk about some of the fabulous theatres that India has in some of its major states and cities. Many people have their favourite theatre and don’t like to go to a new theatre each time but you must know about these fabulous theatres all over the country.

PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

theatres in delhi

Delhi is one of the major cities of India. The people here are believed to be very jolly and fun-loving. And it has many amazing theatres. It has a PVR cinema hall and one of the best theatres in Delhi. It is situated in one of the most expensive areas of Delhi, Vasant Kunj. This multiple revels of lavish chairs, incredible audio-video, flawless services, the waiters here are just a push of a button away.

You don’t need to do anything but just enjoy your movie. It includes wine-dinner and hot towels also. The movies can be of your choice, you can watch the rarest films by paying top-notch charges. You can watch whatever you want, relax have your favourite food and enjoy. Once you watch a movie here you won’t forget that experience for a long time.

Costs – one ticket of this theatre costs around INR 800-1200
Address – Ambience Mall, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

PVR Superplex, Noida

It is a different theatre added multiplex from PVR cinema. It resides inside the Logix City Centre Mall, Noida. So you can roam around the mall, do some shopping and then enjoy a movie these entire place. The theatre comprises of a 4DX, IMAX, playhouse and multiple general theatres.

It is the next biggest multiplex of the country with 15 screens and out of any ambiguity, the lavish services of this theatre comes with a premium cost. The experience is just amazing, you will be living the movie here.

Cost – a usual screen at PVR superplex starts from INR 200. While IMAX starts from INR 300-600 and 4DX is priced at INR 840
Address – PVR Superplex, Noida, Logix City Centre BW-58, Sector 32, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

PVR Koramangala, Gold Cinemas, Bangalore

theatres in bangalore

This theatre comes with a goal. The main goal of PVR cinema here is to convey a top-class film-watching experience in the country. It is the same with its exceptional cost; it additionally has a few terrible reviews that complain about its food. You can’t rely on the food here to enhance your experience.

You will enjoy the movie if you don’t try its food. So if you are planning to just watch a movie and not spend on food you can go to this theatre. The extraordinary cost gets you a personal waiter during the entire film but this is of no use because of the terrible food.

Cost – between INR 650-750 depending on the films and shoe timings
Address – PVR Koramangala, Gold Cinemas, Bnagalore, the Forum Mall, 21-22, Adugodi Main Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka

PVR Lulu Mall, Kochi

This is a high society multiplex in Kochi’s biggest shopping centre. This centre is the perfect place to plan a day out with your friends. Enjoy the shopping centre first and then enjoy a movie in this theatre. This multiplex offers a film experience with its large 9 screens. It is spread over a zone of 71, 000 sq ft. with a limit of housing 3, 000 benefactors at a single time.

It winds up one of the greatest multiplexes of this pan India film hall business. The screens of this multiplex have 2k digital projection. 7.2 Dolby surround sound, 3D enabled silver screen and JBL 4-way speakers.

Costs – PVR Lulu Mall tickets can charge you around INR 150-400 per person
Address – PVR Lulu Mall, Kochi, Lulu Mall, Lulu International Shopping Mall, Edappally, Ernakulam, Kochi

INOX, Nariman Point, Mumbai

theatres in Mumbai

Mumbai is the home of Bollywood. Most of the Indian actors and actresses live in Mumbai and it also has the Film City where people shoot for various shows and movies. Mumbai is a place with the largest number of movie lovers. It is one of the best theatres. This INOX has ordinary screens that would cost you anyplace between INR 180-250 and also has its unique screening room called ‘Insignia’ which demands premium costs.

It has lavish services and incredible audio-video. Some Mumbaikars would say the cost is fine. I would suggest you try this room at least once. You can live the movie in this room. The room is an experience in itself.

Cost – INOX cinema insignia can cost anywhere between INR 600-900 per person
Address – INOX, Nariman Point, Mumbai, CR2 Mall, Barrister Rajni Patel Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ariesplex SL Cinema, TVM

Ariesplex appeared in the wake of taking control over SL Cinemas in Trivandrum. The theatre set up intends to extend its framework all over India before the end of 2017. It offers ultra modern-day tech and offices to its clients. Not all theatres have this.

It is known for having South India’s first 4k projector and chairs and seats imported directly from Belgium. And you must know these seats and chairs are very good and comfortable.

Cost – one ticket of Ariesplex can cost you between INR 150-500
Address – Ariesplex SL Cinema, TVM, Kunnumouram Road, Near Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Rajmandir, Jaipur

theatres in Jaipur

It is the best film hall in Jaipur. It is also the best spot to visit in the Pink City. Other than being an exceptional theatre, it is also a noteworthy vacation spot for being one of India’s biggest single-screen theatres. It was set up by the eminent Golcha family.

The venue appeared 250 years back and continues to give extraordinary film experiences. The film corridor is known for its stupendous and illustrious stylistic theme. The theatre centre draws both tourist and movie-goers regularly. If you ever travel to Jaipur don’t skip on this theatre.

Cost – the tickets for this heritage theatre start from INR 120-400 per person
Address – Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur C-16, Bhagwan Das Road, Panch Batti, Jaipur, Rajasthan

PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, New Delhi

PVR cinema purchased a few single-screen theatres in Delhi and transformed them into lavish multiplexes. Since the love for movies is increasing this step has proven to be very useful and profitable. PVR Plaza is one of such theatres where film premiers were held and you can see photos of those elegant nights revering the multiplex’s walls.

There was a time when it used to hold a lot of theatres. The theatre offers standards films going experience, however; the big expense is retained by its location.

Cost – per person ticket can cost you about INR 300-375
Address – PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, Delhi, Plaza Building, Outer Circle H Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Mayajaal Multiplex (MAYA Cinemas), Chennai

theatre in chennai

It is one of the best theatres in Chennai. This setting wears the crown of being India’s largest multiplex with an incredible number of 16 screens. It is working since 1997; Mayajaal began as a modest setting for motion picture goers and has now developed into a brute of a film centre.

It is not just a multiplex but it also offers good tour experience for its clients with bungalows, rooms, spas and other entertainment scenes. So apart from just enjoying a movie, you can avail a lot of their amazing services. You will need a whole day to enjoy the entire place.

Cost – the grand experience of this multiplex can be enjoyed at a reasonable price range of INR 120-155
Address – 34, East Coast Road, Kanathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Prasads, Hyderabad

It was opened in 2003, it may not be the greatest IMAX in the world but it made its name by being the most attended screen on the world of real blockbusters like Harry Potter and Spiderman franchise. Not just Bollywood and Tollywood, India also has a large number of people who love and enjoy Hollywood.

This theatre was the third IMAX that India got and it improved its popularity and developed into a total entertainment ecological arrangement of its own. With the expansion of food court and game zones, Prasads stood as one of the premier film-watching destinations of Hyderabad.

Cost – it can charge you anywhere between INR 120-500
Address – Prasads IMAX, Necklace Rd, Central Secretariat, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana

So these were some of the best theatres all over India. Now let us talk about the South Indian love for movies. The place Bengaluru alone has a lot of amazing move theatres. It has theatres which screen only Tamil movies; both Tamil and Hindi movies and some theatre also screen English movies. Some of the theatres are old and haven’t updated but they are doing good because of their goodwill. They are low-cost with minimum services. So now let us talk about the best theatres in Bengaluru.

Best theatres in Bengaluru


theatres in bengaluru

It goes the extra mile to promise you a great movie-watching experience. You will never be unsatisfied in Cinepolis. It is known just as much as for its picture clarity as for its comfortable seating. The theatre has a bigger screen size and comfort together will enhance your experience.

It is Bengaluru’s first fully digital and 3D multiplex, the sound technology and relatively bigger screen size just take things up a notch.

Urvashi Theatre

It is amongst the first single-screen halls in the state to introduce single digital and 3D projection. They still stick to their affordable ticket rates. They have updated the theatre, added many new technologies but have not changed their prices. Whether it is to watch a spine-chilling horror movie or the recent films this theatre is worth bookmarking.

You get to have an amazing experience at an affordable price. When you are at this theatre, get a pack of French fries to munch on as well. Other food items are also good but the fries are a must.

Everest Theatre

theatres in bengaluru

It might not match up to the multiplexes when it comes to technology, but watching a movie here is an experience. It is all about old-world charm. If you want to take your parents or grandparents to watch a movie, they will like this place a lot.

Apart from the Hindi and Tamil movies, they screen Indian and international documentaries on the last Thursday of every month. So if you are a fan of documentaries you can look up at this theatre.

Cauvery Theatre

If you are broke and don’t want to miss the new flick starring your favourite actor, then head to Cauvery Theatre. It screens regional and Hindi movies; this old-school single screen is best known for its pocket-friendly rates, throughout the week.

No matter if the movie is a new release, has some superstars in it the price will always be reasonable. You can pick from the balcony, mini-balcony and first-class seat and settle in with some budget-friendly nibbles from the snacks counter.


theatres in bengaluru

If you don’t mind spending out more money for comfort and better infrastructure, INOX is a great option. With multiplexes spread across the towns from Whitefiled to JP Nagar, you are bound to find one.

From the comfortable seating and food options to the acoustic system, the one offers a rather indulgent experience for those weekend movie outings. Keep an eye on their deals on tickets and munches. It is not wrong to spend any amount for the comfort and experience once in a while.


It is touted to be the first of its kind in the city. It is a mini private theatre which can be rent out to watch films or shows from your streaming media accounts or their library of films. You will have privacy and no disturbance. If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones this is the place for you. And they also have good services. You can even screen your film for a small crowd.

PVR Cinemas

If you want to take your move spree up a notch, look no further than PVR Cinemas. From the one at the Forum Mall to the swanky new one at VR Bengaluru, a movie here is quite an experience.

Apart from the amazing IMAX, their Director’s rare screenings of alternate or independent moves, gold class seating for the particular indulgent movie-goers is features to look out for. Their morning shows are perfect if you don’t want to spend much. You won’t need to spend much but you will get amazing service and experience.

Lavanya Theatre

theatres in bengaluru

It is not too high on ambience or infrastructure. It is for when you want a fun time at the movies. Whistling, cheering and loud comments are a part of screenings at many old-school single screens.

They screen Tamil movies, they don’t have online bookings. So you will have to join the queue and maybe jostle a bit for your tickets. This theatre is of the old times and hasn’t changed anything.

Gopalan Cinemas

Gopalan Malls may not be on your list of hangout spots, hit them up if you want to finish off a day with lazy shopping and a movie. They have sofas, gold seating options and a nice blend of comfort, picture and sound quality.

Keep an eye on their weekday discounts on tickets. They come up with some great deals and offers every week.

The Cinema at the GT World Mall

theatres in bengaluru

This one is a public favourite. It has grand and luxe-looking screening halls. It was originally owned by SPI Cinemas but now it has been taken over by PVR cinemas. This theatre is well-known for its yummy unlimited popcorn toppings. Many people choose this theatre for its popcorn. The tickets on weekdays are available at as low as INR 115 and the experience is worth every penny.

The Binge Club

If you are sick of that entire disturbance like ringing phones, crying babies when you are to watch the most awaited movie of the year then this is the place for you. It is a private mini theatre in HSR that allows you to watch any TV show or movie of your choosing in the company of your closet friends, complete with Dolby Atmos sound and a 135-inch giant screen. This place is perfect to watch a movie and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

So these are some of the best movie theatres in Bengaluru. Each of these theatres will give you a different set of offers, deals and experience. You can choose your theatre as per your needs, want and affordability. There are theatres where you don’t need to spend much money and also where you can spend more on comfort and other options. It has theatres for people who don’t want to spend much and also for those who enjoy spending. It has the options to make both the categories of people happy.

So as we already talked about that the love for movies isn’t limited to India only. A large part of the world is fond of films. After talking about the best theatres in India and Bengaluru let us now talk about the most expensive and amazing theatres all over the world, so that if you ever visit these places you don’t miss out to watch a movie there.

Expensive Theatres of the World

The TCL Chinese Theatre

expensive theatres in the world
Klook Travel

This theatre in Los Angeles holds a decent claim of being the most famous theatre in the world. It is commonly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The theatre opened in 1927 and has become an iconic part of Hollywood history. It hosts countless major premiers every year. This theatre has been the location of three Academy Awards ceremonies and has even appeared in a few movies itself. The interior of this theatre is exactly what you could expect from Hollywood’s crown jewel, intensively colourful and extravagant to the extreme.

Watching a movie in such a jaw-dropping, recognizable venue doesn’t come cheap. A standard ticket will cost you around $16, which might not seem so costly compared to some chain, but seeing a major release in 3D or IMAX will set you back a little over $20. The experience is so great that you will cherish it for life. You won’t regret spending the money after you watch the movie.

The Odeon, Leicester Square

It is the closest equivalent to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is said to be the best theatre in the world and you can say this is next. It was built in 1937, originally in an art deco style. The Odeon is the most well-known major cinema in London and hosts an array of world premiers as well as the annual Royal Film Performance, which is attended by at least one member of the Royal Family.

The cost of this theatre is one of the U.K.’s largest chains; it is notorious for charging high prices for tickets. A standard adult ticket in the stalls of the main screen will cost you around $22 while a royal circle ticket will cost you around $29. You must visit this place at least once in your lifetime. It has a lot more than just screens.

IPIC Theatres, New York

expensive theatres in the world

IPIC claims to offer the ultimate theatre experience and its New York branch recently represent a decent attempt at being the costliest. A premium plus seat in this movie theatre will give you privacy, a blanket and a pillow and full table service with a range of drinks, snacks or even meals.

You will want to spend the whole in it. It is best as a treat to you, relax, rest, enjoy the movie and eat. This experience costs around $32 and the food and drinks cost a fair bit on top of that you can expect to shell out $16 for chicken fingers or $18 for a pizza. The food tastes amazing.


This is the face of the British Film Institute, a charitable organization which promotes film and television in the U.K. Most of their events, workshops and festivals which take place in London are held at the BFI. It is also the home of largest cinema screen in Britain, an IMAX projector as well as one which projects 70 mm films meaning its movies are shown in the finest formats.

The theatre is, however; owned by Odeon, so don’t expect a bargain when it comes to tickets. A blockbuster during peak times will cost you around $30 for an adult and if you are in a premium seat, prices are lower for standard seats or if you are watching a lesser-known movie. Even watching a movie at the standard seat is not a loss here.

Hot Tub Cinema

expensive theatres of the world

It is a combination of a love for off-the-wall event screenings and high cost of living, which means it is one of the most expensive places to watch a movie in the world. They set up a screen and dozens of hot tubs, you get inside one and relax and watch the movie. Believe me, it is very relaxing and you won’t want to come out of the tub. The movies are usually classics and you get a glass of sparkling wine to enjoy.

If you book the entire tub for yourself it will be very expensive so what you can do is dodge with 5-6 people. You won’t want to do that with a stranger so it’s better if you take your squad and enjoy the session together. It will save you some money and give you a great time and experience with your friends.

The Electric Cinema

It is in London and one of the oldest working theatres. It was built in 1910 and has undergone a series of revivals; the latest took place in the 1990s. It is also one of the prettiest theatres in the world. It has a regal decor and warm lighting in an intimate and relaxed environment.

Each seat here is an armchair and there are sofas available at the back and beds down the front for anybody wanting that extra dash of relaxation while watching the movie. You can have a good time here. A ticket to a major release will cost you around $26 for an armchair, $42 for a bed and $60 if you want the sofas at the back.

Cine De Chef

expensive theatres of the world

It is an establishment which combines the two finest pursuits, movies and dining. It has only 30 seats for the theatre’s single screen and is pretty exclusive. The experiences of the movie and nouveau oriental meal prepared by Cordon Bleu-trained chef are just amazing. People who are fond of food must try this place. Many people go here for their delicious food and variety.

You can have an amazing evening here, watch a movie first and then get the tastiest dinner. The ticket includes valet parking, use of VIP elevator and escort service. A ticket at this place costs the equivalent of around $60 but can also go up to the region of $88 on weekends or busy periods.

The Paragon Cineplex

It is in downtown Bangkok and it might not initially seem like the sort of place that will drain your money for the privilege of seeing a movie and most of the screenings there probably won’t. But it is different in the Enigma experience. You will receive a complimentary drink chosen from a range of fine wines and whiskeys, several snacks and a chance to relax on a sofa bed for a sprawl out and watch the movie at $90.

However, you can always go for the $24 option of the Nokia Ultra Screen and stick to having just a reclining armchair, drink, snacks and a complimentary foot massage. But the Enigma is great, you can live the movie here and you won’t regret the money you will spend.

The Orange Club Cinema

expensive theatres of the world

This theatre is in Beijing. It is more of a private members club than an actual theatre. It offers three individually designed screens, orange garden, pink sky and black room. You can relax on a sofa, settle down with some pillows and throw over a blanket for a little something extra. You will never have to get up to get any of the snacks or drinks on offer. Just sit and enjoy the movie the rest will be taken care of.

The club also serves as well as an actual club with complete function rooms, live music and a bar. But it is extremely expensive; memberships begin at $150 and could cost more than $800 every year. Not everyone can afford this and it is a good option for only the locals, not the visitors.

Secret Cinema

To call it a movie theatre is a bit of an understatement. It is more like a fully immersive cinematic experience in which visitors dress-up in costumes, lark about in a super-secret location that’s been done up to look like scenes from the movie in question, interact with the actors, take part in secret activities and then watch the movie together.

It is a lot more fun than simply sitting and watching a movie, you participate here. Secret Cinema events such as ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘Back to the Future’, ’28 Days Later’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ have proven intensely popular and the company has gone on to sell out events all over the world, but it comes with huge prices. The cheapest ticket for one of their recent runs was $66.

These were some of the best movie theatres in the world. They are expensive but also unique, I have heard of many of their offerings before. They have come up with so much. The theatres take care of the customer’s comfort, make them relax and have a happy time. Most of the theatres have great food and options.

After talking about the theatres in India and the entire world we can be that nowadays movie theatres are much more than just a screen and seating arrangements. It has changed a lot over time. Now there are different categories and types of theatres, some are cheap; some are costly depending on what they serve. Many theatres are unique and have some amazing and extraordinary services. We can now have beds and sofas while watching a movie and not just those we can also chill in hot tubs. The private screen option is also good if you want to enjoy a movie alone or with only a small bunch of people.

Though the theatres are updating and adopting new technologies they aren’t leaving their low-price policies. They are becoming expensive because of the new technologies but at the same time they are also not giving up the old options. In this way, they don’t lose customers. Like not everyone can afford the high-cost tickets so the same place has low-cost tickets as well. People can choose as per their convenience.

But the year 2020 has been a bad year for the theatres. Since due to the outbreak of COVID-19 there was lockdown all over the world. Even after the situation is under control, theatres aren’t yet allowed to open at least in India, because theatres are a place where the spread of the virus is very easy. The seating arrangements are close and compact and most of the halls have a capacity of 80-100 people or more. The private screens can open but I don’t think they are operating. The theatres and movie industry has faced a huge loss this year.

Most of the releases have been through OTT platforms but it doesn’t have that experience. We see the movies, know the story but I don’t think this can be compared with what theatres give us. A laptop, TV or mobile screen is nothing in comparison to a theatre screen.

The sound, the comfort, the food and service that a theatre provides is being missed. Watching a movie in the theatre is always exciting and fun. Once the theatres open, I think there will be a rush for movies. Since many people are now eager to watch films in theatres.

Hope the new opening helps the theatres to cope up with their losses and serve the audience even better. Also, the theatres will have to take proper safety majors once they open. They might have to change the seating arrangements, have sanitization options and much more. The employees will also be taken care of. Now the theatres will have much more to do apart from just serving the audience.