Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes In Business Planning


Making a business plan may sound interesting to many, but we make so many mistakes while preparing that can easily be avoided if we think critically and logically. Business planning is usually done for launching a new product, apply new strategies, install new technologies within the company, and a lot more. Therefore, common mistakes shall be avoided while business planning.

business planning
Image source: USA Today

Here are some tips to avoid business planning mistakes:


Consider business planning as a priority


The most common mistake that business owners make is that they don’t understand the importance of a business plan. Most businesses don’t prioritize planning. One should always remember that a goal without a plan is nothing but a mere wish. If you have a business goal, there has to be a plan. And procrastination will lead to delay the goal to be achieved.

Stay focused



Always remember what you are planning for, who you are planning for, your limitations, and your opportunities. Clearly define your target market, potential investors, attributes of your product, and existing competition. Keep in mind that business planning would fail if you don’t know who to project it to.


Research well


Research about the market, existing market leaders, potential target area, your strength, potential threats, and whatever is crucial to your business. Double-check research, omit incorrect data, cross-check facts, and the reliability of sources. The problem with data being available in abundance is that it may be misleading and untrue by nature, therefore, invest a good time on researching.


Do not undermine the risks


Mostly while business planning, owners neglect the potential risks to the organization. Sometimes, this negligence can cause businesses huge losses and put their operations in the state of endangerment. For example, for an import-export business, it is always good to consider the change of government and border policies before making a plan.


Anticipate the future


You should know that the future is uncertain, what is selling today might not tomorrow. Keep a close check on your external environment and make predictions accordingly to safeguard your business.


There is no harm in keeping a Plan B


Many people stick to one plan rule. But remember not everything goes as planned and there is no harm in keeping a contingent plan ready in case of emergencies.


Be open to criticism


Businesses usually stick to the “one book one reader” rule. That’s wrong. Make sure you read your plan out to several people, consider the criticism and feedback. This helps in developing a better business plan.

While business planning, remember that plans are subject to risks and the uncertainty of the future. We cannot predict what has not happened yet, but good planning makes you ready to deal with it. A good plan bridges the gap between where you are and where you desire to be. 

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