The Most Expensive Fish You Can Have


A staple food around the globe, fish gives a broad range of medical services, for instance, rendering our eating routines with omega-3 unsaturated fats and essential proteins. However, for a few, feasting on fish includes some significant pitfalls. The most costly fish, which is additionally elusive, incorporate the assortments of swordfish, lord salmon, yellowfin fish, pufferfish, and bluefin fish. The costs per pound for these very good quality fish can reach $20 per pound or more, contingent upon whether you are cooking it at home or requesting from a café. 

The 3 Most Expensive Fish

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna

This questionable food, presumably one of the most costly fish you can purchase, is notable for its prominence in the sushi culture and with Japanese foodies. A sushi eatery proprietor in Japan stood out as truly newsworthy for obtaining an over the top expensive, 1.76 million dollar fish in 2013. While this was generally a convention of overpaying for the greatest fish of the period (to acquire clients for the café), you can hope to pay more for this species than some other available today.

Bluefin from the Atlantic is in exceptionally low supply, making the jeopardized rundown and the news for being rare in seas today. An angler from the Pacific coasts, be that as it may, are announcing sufficient inventory; most genuine U.S. dealers guarantee to just sell this increasingly satisfactory assortment of fish. While still expensive, Pacific Bluefin fish is simpler to discover and considered preservation agreeable by many.

Where to purchase Bluefin Tuna

You can purchase extremely restricted measures of Bluefin Tuna online at these retailers (when in season).

o Catalina Offshore Products ($23.99 for ½ pound)

o Giovanni’s Fish Market (costs fluctuates day by day)

Puffer Fish (Fugu)

Puffer Fish

Known as a lethal individual from the fish family, one drop of toxic substance from the pufferfish can leave a coffee shop dead. That is the reason the extraordinary preparing and readiness of a certified culinary specialist is expected to make the dangerous pufferfish (called “fugu”) consumable. While it’s conceivable to arrange this delicacy on the web, it isn’t prescribed that you attempt this at home. Truth be told, the FDA gave an admonition to just eat from known eateries. At the present time, there are less than 50 cafés across the nation approved to serve pufferfish. The cost will shift from $12 to $200 or more for a full encounter. 

Where to purchase Puffer Fish 

This fish must be served by a culinary specialist with the necessary preparing (at least 3 years) expected to securely serve it. Kaz Sushi in DC is one such eatery. They serve a pufferfish with child bok choy for about $15.



Pacific swordfish is a generous fish that is accessible consistently, albeit crisp fish is just gotten from August through October. Since it is so substantial, it holds up well to barbecuing and cooking; numerous individuals love it like a kabob! The serving size of this delicacy is around 4 oz, which means every 50-200 pound swordfish can serve many individuals! Because of the trouble associated with angling these mammoth animals and the popularity by individuals to appreciate it, swordfish is viewed as among one of the most costly fish on the planet! (Note: Atlantic swordfish is additionally accessible available to be purchased. This is indistinguishable species from the Pacific, however not as a rule as huge because of the earth it lives in. In spite of mainstream thinking, swordfish isn’t viewed as an imperiled species, on account of late preservation endeavors.)

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