TCS Signs a New Deal With Phoenix Group Of $2 billion


Europe’s biggest life and pensions consolidator Phoenix Group, has roped in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to modify its sales through the TCS BaNCS digital program.

The previous year, Phoenix purchased Standard Life Assurance for £3.2 billion. The multi-year IT outsourcing contract references told, is valued at $2 billion with a yearly income run rate of $200 million. The conversion is supposed to take almost three years with multiple Standard Life staff moving to TCS.

Below TCS’s 12-year-old IT agreement with the Phoenix Group, some 5.5 million procedures are under the former’s administration.

Suresh Muthuswami, director of BFSI stands at TCS, said the current business increases the range of the deal by 4.2 million procedures, bringing the total number of plans it leads to approximately 10 million. Muthuswami told the technology pile was converged on redefining the consumer practice by modifying legacy technologies of Standard Life’s rewards and savings services onto its digital floor.

Phoenix Group is a part of the FTSE 100 list and has over 10 million policyholders and £245 billion of assets under administration. It has four working life businesses and services in the United Kingdom, Ireland, including Germany.

The agreement also includes developing TCS’s Scottish occupancy and building a technology and operations service center in Edinburgh, with teams from Standard Life and TCS.

“The partnership will significantly increase our free record abilities, and continues notably to our previously vast expertise in various journeys,” said Muthuswami.

An open book business not only increases in protection for profitability, but however, insurers can also leverage extremely flexible production abilities that can expedite speed to market to satisfy the demands of advisors, employers, and their scheme members.

Susan McInnes, CEO of Standard Life, said, “We need to assure we begin the process in meeting the requirements and expectations of all our clients in the future and grow as an even more innovative, progressive, well-run company. We believe a business model is completely the right passageway. It will expedite our capacity to innovate and efficiently grow our position in the future, whilst proceeding to provide outstanding client assistance.”

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