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share market

Most Popular Terminology of Share Market

This basic domain knowledge of some of these terminologies is really important. If you want to enter the stock market to transform yourself into...
short selling

What is Short Selling and How Does it Get Profit in the Stock Market?

What is short selling? When an investor sells the shares which are not owned by him during the trade is referred to as short selling....

4 ways to make the most of e-wallets

As more and more consumers are using e-wallets, nowadays, to make their daily life easier, the importance of being the ‘go-to’ payment solution for...
How to do Startup Funding in India?

How to register a startup in India

Ever since the Startup India has been launched by the Central Government, one can easily notice a massive increase in the number of startups...
income ideas

5 Tips to Manage Personal Expenses

Are you aware of the 5 extra essential tips to manage personal expenses? We need to manage our Personal expenses. Here is how you do...