Robots to manufacturer coaches in Rae Bareli – Make in India

Robots to manufacturer coaches in Rae Bareli - Make in India
Source- Swarajya

In the scheme of Make in India, the government of India has decided to take the production of Indian Railways to the next level by making Robots to do the manufacturing of coaches of the train in Rae Bareli, India. This is the beginning of the new era as it’s the starting of Robots getting involved in manufacturing an authentic property of India (Train) and this is one of the great examples of new India.

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In what will go down as a breakthrough, for the very first time, Indian Railways will construct metro rail coaches at the factory of Rae Bareli. It will finish under the scheme of Make in India, said an official. Besides, the coaches will be constructed by robots and will be of the similar quality as Canada-manufactured Bombardier that is recently being utilized in the services of the metro of India. In addition, the coaches which are homemade will be 40 percent cheaper than those purchased in from China and other countries. These coaches will be tooled with CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, mobile charging points with other facilities. There will be a commentary on safety features also which consist of door control, signalling, and train management systems along with modest gadgets for surveillance on board.

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“We before too have had two meetings with the government on the purpose of constructing the metro coaches. The government of Maharashtra has given its consent for coaches for two metro trains,” said by Rajesh Agarwal who is a member (rolling stock) of Railway Board.

Agarwal added in continuation that they are constructing an overall of six metro coaches recently. The cost amount of every coach would be Rs 8 crores, which is notably cheaper than the ones acquired from China. The Chinese coaches are priced up to Rs 12 crores. The board has opted to go for coaches which are standardized and has made a request to the Modern Coach Factory (MCF) and the Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO) to invest for assuring that it will become a reality, said the official.

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Agarwal claimed that the augmentation of the MCF at a price of Rs 480 crores along with the recruitment of technicians and experts on a large scale will be finished by December 2018. “It will also be the first ever factory in India where coaches will be constructed by robots,” he said.

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