Read About- Why Google Pixel 4 Is Not Launching In India

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Google is preferred because of its accelerated innovation and stunning advertising. It tied up with LG for Nexus phones which performed very well in the market during its days.

Although, when Google chose to be standing alone in the smartphone market and propelled Google Pixel, the journey has been both happy and sad. The launches of an initial couple of phones did well while the following didn’t function properly in the Indian market, due to high costs and very strong competition.

What is the new story? 

Indeed, it hasn’t come to many as astonishing that Google has ruled against launching its new Google Pixel 4 models in India. Truly, Google’s new smartphones won’t be officially available or launched in the country. It as of late launched the smartphone at its Made by Google hardware event in New York where it was discovered that Indians would just know the features and not get to try them. It will be launching in 53 countries and India isn’t one of them.

However, why?

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is planned with modern technology that outfits them with astonishing yet suspicious features. The organization has baked a Soli radar chip in the first bezel which permits users to use hand postures like a surge across the screen to manage the phone. However, one doesn’t distinguish how helpful and pleasing it will be for users as of promptly.

Forthwith, the chip has a necessity. It runs on a 57 to 64GHz (V band) frequency which in India is monitored by the government. Google has lost to get approval for this frequency band and therefore drops out on various primary features of Pixel phones. The motion gestures which are the USP of the smartphone launch won’t exist and the chip will be delivered inoperative.

Acknowledging the high-priced phone and after that, if the primary highlight is unavailable, it was very likely that the phone would lose in the Indian market. Yet, Google is prepared to sustain its plan in India with future launches and implying more consumer-centric for the Indian market.

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