Read About 49-Year-Old Woman Who Planted More Than 2 Million Trees In 22 Villages, Won UNESCO Award


Saving the environment is not the single duty of governments, but individuals worldwide too.

Doing her bit to preserving and providing towards earth, 49-year-old Chikapalli Anasuyamma, a native of Pastapur village in Telangana’s Sangareddy district, has planted more than 2 million trees on dry, available or abandoned lands and has helped establish up to two dozen forests across 22 villages in the region.

Anasuyamma is a part of Deccan Development Society (DDS), She formed all-women associations in Pastapur and turned wastelands nearby villages into forests.

The United Nations recognized her work in preserving the environment and was granted the UNESCO award in New York in September this year.

Anasuyamma was in her mid-20s when her husband left her and making a living was not an alternative because she was nevermore sent to school. She ultimately took up some works to look after her son.


Before long, she was placed in contact with DDS through a neighbor and in the end, understood that she needs to progress in the direction of the environment. During the daytime, she worked and went to DDS sessions in the evening.

Afterward, afforestation turned into her life purpose.

She has covered 1200 acres of land and holds that the completion rate of the durability of plants is 80 percent.


The victory of the plantation mission is the residence of birds and animals.

Anasuyamma is now a superior executive at DDS where she teaches women beyond villages to develop nurseries.

She wishes to achieve her objective of afforestation in this lifetime. After all, if the environment gives us so much including the food we humans and animals eat, the smallest of effort we can do is to preserve our environment for us as well for the coming generation.

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