Pros And Cons Of Investing In Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies


You may have heard the buzzword “cryptocurrency” or maybe investing in bitcoins or Ethereum. But what actually is bitcoin? In easy words, they can be called as digital cash that can be used to pay for commodities and services irrespective of the seller’s location.

The most remarkable aspect of cryptocurrency is that it isn’t controlled by one single authority, like a government or financial institution. These decentralized peer-to-peer transactions are aided by blockchain technology, which authenticates the means associated with the transfers and records them in a ledger accessible to the public.

If you’re thinking to try your hand at the cryptocurrency, the best way is to start is by investing in Bitcoins, due to their popularity. 

investing in bitcoin
Image source: Industry Wired

Before investing in Bitcoins, consider these pros and cons:


Valuable Trading Software

The cryptocurrency madness has recently reached mainstream media. If you invest now and get good returns on your digital funds through trading or mining later. You can invest in comparatively lower rates and then deal with your assets for a larger price when the market is up.

Transfer With Ease, Swiftness, and Security

The process of investing funds is pretty easy. Just click a few buttons and the transaction is confirmed. The payment is collected in real-time as there are hundreds of miners that process these computations. Also, it’s done through private and public keys, which ensure that each transaction is safe and secure.


The process of transferring funds remains anonymous as there’s a different transaction number, blockchain hash number, and miner’s identity in a code. 


These platforms are available 24/7. Transactions can happen irrespective of the time and location.


You will have complete control over your funds, where you want to invest, spend or transfer. They are a great option for your retirement funds.



Price fluctuations can be a significant issue when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Volatility can be an issue if you want to trade with low risks. But you can still take advantage of the time by closely monitoring the value of your assets and sell them in the market when the price increases. 

Tricky Concept

The working of Cryptocurrency is very technical in nature. Understanding the concept can be challenging for those who aren’t experts in the field of technology.

Theft Risks 

Even though cryptocurrency is intangible in nature, it is more prone to cyber theft. There’s still a possibility of loss through unethical hacking. There are ways to protect your funds but hacking is altogether a dark world. 

Investing in bitcoins is easier than ever and a revolution in the world of investing. Everything has a good side and a bad side, we just need to know what risk is worth taking.