Private schools needed to give 25% advance for textbooks

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Else, textbook orders will not be counted for the academic year

The state government has chosen to pass by the indents from the Students Achievement Tracker System (SATS) for printing course books one year from now. The branch of education has likewise asked independent (private) to pay 25 percent of the expense of course readings ahead of time for the following academic year. Their book orders will be counted as only after that.

The Karnataka Textbooks Society (KTBS), which handles the conveyance and the creation of the reading material for the state syllabus, has instructed the schools that information will be drawn from SATS this year to guarantee precision in the collection of indents. Though, demanding that schools give the amount a half year preceding the beginning of the academic year is unfair, says private school administrations.

A few private schools the executives took the issue up with the minister of primary & secondary education S Suresh Kumar and said that they can’t pay 25 percent of the expense by November. D Shashi Kumar, head of Blossoms school and general secretary of KAMS told BM, “There are a couple of schools that request don’t take the books. The division should make a move against those schools. Though, the KTBS can’t request a 25 percent advance as the parents haven’t paid us yet. How could we pay the KTBS when we don’t have the money?”

He continued, “Not just this, we haven’t got our RTE reimbursement money from the government yet. We have been hanging tight for a long time and they have not paid for us. How can they expect that we should deposit this amount? We have composed a letter to the division and furthermore proposed them to acknowledge postdated checks with the goal that this gets conceivable.”

KTBS doesn’t deliver books on time

Schools additionally examined KTBS’s account of not conveying the course books on time and that this procedure of asking advance deposit appears to be useless. S Suresh Kumar also added, “We have addressed to KTBS concerning various matters. However, they haven’t spoken anything on those issues yet. They are strict with regards to this and expect that the schools will pay for it.”

Private schools additionally said that even though the state syllabus coursebooks don’t pursue the NCERT and National Curriculum Framework, the government is forcing such rules on the schools. In any case, there are no such rules for the state government schools as they have put aside a specific segment of their spending limit for the reading material.

A few academic sources additionally said that the administration is running low on money. A source told, “Due to floods this year, more than 11 lakhs books were printed and uniforms were provided. This additional expense was borne by the division. It turns into somewhat extreme to print books presently as spending the board is troublesome.”

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