Not just academics, Why a school should teach Farming & Robotics?

Mount Litera ZEE School

Just like we all know the importance of education, we should also know why vegetation and robotics are important in today’s era. Let’s have a glimpse of why every child should know about vegetation and robotics.

The future is in the hands of today’s youngsters. As responsible parents and citizens, we have to make sure our kids are efficient enough to face the upcoming era. Every child should know how to manage a vegetable garden, plant a tree, or a sapling, and also the new technology like robotics.

Vegetation helps the kids know the value of a plant and helps them understand the environment better. Doing vegetation not only gives knowledge about the environment but also helps the kids have a clearer view of chemistry, climate, energy sources, and the importance of water.

Likewise, Robotics also plays a major role in your child’s life. It increases creative thinking in children, gives them programming knowledge, helps them to engage in teamwork, creates perseverance, and is a fun activity for your children.

This is why one of the leading schools in India- Mount Litera Zee School has added vegetable gardening and Robotics in their academics. They strongly believe it would help every child grow mentally strong and have critical thinking ability.

Vegetable garden at Mount Litera Zee School, Kalaburagi
Vegetable Garden at Mount Litera Zee School, Kalaburagi
Robotics lab at Mount Litera Zee School , Kalaburagi
Robotics Lab at Mount Litera Zee School, Kalaburagi


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