No private vehicles allowed on weekends at Nandi Hills

Nandhi Hills

Travelers will take KSRTC bus following parking their cars at the foothills of Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is one of the most famous places to tour from Bengaluru. Each weekend, thousands of people from the town head to the hill station to observe the sunrise and experience foggy mornings. As a conclusion, the winding path leading to the summit is often overcrowded. The horticulture office, which administers the hill station, has presently resolved this issue by putting restraints on private transports. It desires to obey the forest department’s guidelines at Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta. Tourists will now be required to leave their vehicles at the foothills and travel in a designated Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus to the head.

Dr. M Jagadeesh, joint director parks and gardens, horticulture staff said, “We lately administered a group that was then chaired by the principal secretary of the horticulture department and attended by the deputy commissioner of Chikkaballapur, director of the horticulture department, special officer for Nandi hills and KSRTC MD Shivayogi Kalasad. The department secretary has initiated the move to build an alternate parking area in the foothills. We have asked the district administration of Chikkaballapur to locate a suitable area. Once located, we will perform a traffic prohibition on weekends.”

He said that the traffic is gentle on weekdays. “Vehicles can simply be placed in the assigned parking space at the top of the hill. But on weekends, particularly on the second Saturdays, the rush multiplies four-way and the present parking space on the top cannot accept all the vehicles. As an outcome of this, vehicles enter the parks and garden spaces. We want to keep the transports outside the grassy areas on the top of the hill,” he added.

The chief secretary has directed the Chikkaballapur DC to determine an alternative parking zone on the foothill anywhere individuals can park their wheels and catch a bus to the top, he said.

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