Nissan calls the latest finance chief, few managers to move in the current shake-up


The report appears simply weeks later the Japanese company described the head of its China market, Makoto Uchida, as its upcoming chief executive.

TOKYO- Nissan Motor Co on Friday elected American Stephen Ma as its upcoming chief financial officer and said Hitoshi Kawaguchi and other expert officials were walking down, a shake-up that one expert said indicated a “generational change” at the automaker.

The report arrives just weeks after the Japanese organization called the head of its China market, Makoto Uchida, as its following chief executive.

Following the exciting ouster of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn nearly precisely a year ago, Nissan has been hit by rumors, falling profits, and tensions with top stockholder Renault SA.

The organization told, its global controller who is turning 49 this month, would grow its subsequent chief financial officer, presenting him one of the highest-ranking non-Japanese at the company.

He will substitute Hiroshi Karube, whose exit was also announced. “We are striving to accomplish a generational shift in Nissan management,” stated a reference at the organization, who conversed on the situation of anonymity.

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