Net Banking & Mobile Apps Down for 2 days, HDFC Bank Blames ‘Technical Glitch’


HDFC Bank alleges it is striving to fix the problem with the guidance of ‘experts’.

HDFC Bank’s net banking and mobile apps have been down for most people since Monday morning. The bank’s customers are unable to access their bank accounts online or perform any transactions on the Web or mobile platforms. HDFC Bank’s customers took to social media on Monday to complain about the bank’s net banking and mobile apps being down during the first working day of the month. The services are still down for most users.

In a statement posted on Twitter, HDFC Bank said that due to a “technical glitch” some of the bank’s customers are unable to log in to their accounts via net banking and mobile apps. The bank additional added, “Our specialists are working on it on top preference, and we’re certain we’ll be able to return assistance immediately.”

HDFC Bank’s net banking website and mobile apps remain down on the second working day of December. Customers have been complaining about various social media platforms since Monday morning. The bank’s official online handles on Twitter and Facebook have been trying to pacify angry customers with the same official statement since Monday.

Customers who are trying to log in to their HDFC Bank accounts via net banking are being redirected to a web page with a “Please try after some time” message.

HDFC Bank’s mobile app users are also getting an error prompt while trying to log in. The bank’s mobile apps display this message when a customer tries to sign in; “We are experiencing heavy traffic. Please try again after some time. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

Users have criticized that since they’re incapable to access their accounts, they can’t transfer money or pay outstanding bills that are deemed to be released in the first week of the month. A large chunk of the bank’s consumers uses online programs to access their bank accounts and perform transactions. All these consumers have been secured out of their accounts for over 24 hours now.

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