5 Must-Read Books On Personal Finances

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When it comes to managing money, personal finances is one of the most important skills that one must know. Few of us can manage the money so well. But indeed there are more than 75% of people who knew the skills of managing money. So one of the most effective processes that can help you make your money grow is reading some of the classic books. You will get an insight into this skill in a comprehensive and detailed way apart from browsing the internet .

So here are some of the must-read books on personal finance:

‘All the Money in the World’ by Laura Vannderkam

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The author’s views in the book are a little different from what you may have studied on these topics. The book conveys the message that how could you spend money to get the most value out of every penny spend. The key take away from the book is to look at money as a weapon that one can use creatively to create a better life for oneself rather than looking at money as a finite resource

‘I will teach you to be rich’ by RamitSethi

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The book teaches you How to earn and save more and so the ways to live a rich life.

‘Why didn’t they teach me this in school?’ By Cary Siegel

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The author got an idea to write this book when he realized the fact that personal money management skills were rarely taught in any grade. The book, unlike others, focuses on the qualitative side rather than the quantitative side of managing money. The author has beautifully encapsulated 99 principles into 8 main lessons so that any individual could enhance his/her knowledge of personal finance.

‘The total money makeover’ by Dave Ramsey

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The book will give you no quick schemes that can make you rich, but it will give you a simplest, easiest game plan to makeover your money habit and a solid method to pay off all the debt.

‘Psych your rich’ by  FarnooshTorabi

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You will learn about the connection between you and the money in this book. Farnoosh has splendidly demonstrated how our “emotions” affect the management of personal finances.

The book will bring you back to the idea of behavioural finance, and how you can discover your limitations and make the most of your strengths to make the structure and keep the money as stress-free and as structured as possible!

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