Most famous startup’s of 2019 which attract’s Bangaloreans

Most famous Startup's of 2019 which attracts Bangaloreans

Planning to Visit Bangalore?

Yes, many people will be visiting Bangalore whether for shopping or for business trips, whatever may be the reason but everyone will get afraid of Bangalore traffic and prices of Taxis and autos in Bangalore.

Crazy traffic in Bangalore

Don’t worry! Just like previously, Bangalore will always be the first one to attract its visitors with dissimilar technology.

Here we are providing you an article on how mobility start-ups serving Bangalore people to escape from traffic and high price of taxis.

Yulu Bikes

Yulu bikes

Yulu is a Bangalore based start-up having lightweight electric bikes and bicycles at reasonable prices. Where you can find Yulu zones for every 500 Mtr in Bangalore.

How does it work?

First, you need to download a Yulu mobile application from the play store. After registering with the mobile number you need to deposit an amount of Rs 200/- initially (You can withdraw whenever you need)

Locate your nearest Yulu zone through the mobile app where you can just scan and use the bike or cycle.

Many people love these bikes as it is an Eco-friendly and better alternate method to escape from traffic.

Self Drive Rental Bikes 

Bounce, Vogo, and Driverzy are the self-drive rental scooty’s just like Yulu you need to install their respective mobile applications from the play store.

Initially, you need to upload your driving license and your selfie picture and have to wait for the approval. Generally, the approval process won’t take more than 10 minutes and this process requires only for the first ride.

After that just locate your nearest Bike zones, reach the bike and verify it through OTP, take a helmet from bike luggage carrier under the seat and enjoy the riding.


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