Massage Being Given To Malleshwaram Traffic Policemen: A Big Relief From Stress

Bangalore Traffic Cops

What do our hard-working traffic policemen require later a day in the tiring sun, watching uncontrollable drivers? Probably to keep their feet up, having a refreshing beverage and a good nap? Now they will be provided all that privilege within the police station.

On Monday, pictures of traffic policemen relaxed on the floor or getting a relaxing foot massage flooded the internet. These were executives from the Malleshwaram traffic police station which was the first one to begin the plan, a brainchild of policemen commissioner Bhaskar Rao and Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) BR Ravikanthe Gowda. The pair have told all traffic policemen in the town to find measures for reducing the force of traffic cops after long man-hours of work.

Our officers stand for long hours, performing their work. Standing on their feet for long hours has unfavorable influences on their health. Massages will provide them relaxation after long stressful hours at the work front.

Spoke Ravikanthe Gowda: “Our policemen stand throughout the day to work for long hours. Standing for long hours in traffic has various unfavorable effects on the health of the policemen so we picked on a few progressive actions for them. Massages will assist them to rejuvenate after a stressful time at work. If the traffic police officers are tension-free, the work quality will surely get better.”

Malleshwaram Traffic Police Inspector RP Anil told Bangalore Mirror: “This is a primary concern towards constables and additional traffic police leaders who stand for 8-10 hours in traffic managing transports. It is a very stressful task. There are several influences on their health physically and mentally and that’s why it is essential for traffic police officials to de-stress with massages.”

Anil helped in by providing a dancer-cum-Ayurvedic masseur, Dinesh Babu which will do the massage. Babu said he “loved the idea of providing massages” to traffic police executives who put long, killing hours on the field.

But here’s the dilemma. Babu charges the police officials Rs 150 for a foot or spine massage and Rs 250 for a full-body one. The traffic police chief told that the department was in the plan of joining up with government Ayurvedic hospitals to provide massages to the traffic police at concessional prices. “We need the massages to be provided daily to them. We are also giving daily wellness check-ups for all our officials to assure they’re healthy.” On Monday, Dinesh Babu gave foot and back massages to approximately 25 traffic police cops in Malleshwaram traffic police station; he also did use hot water pads to relax their muscles. “One of the policemen was facing a severe ache in the back because of some injury. There was a relaxation after the massage,” said Anil.

Babu said the most of the basic problems he found amongst the police officials he had were having joint pain as they have to stand continually.

Babu said he intends to hit a different traffic police station and give massages to policemen. On Tuesday, he prepares to visit Peenya traffic police station and then the ones at Banashankari, Yeshwanthpur, Rajajinagar, and Jalahalli on every following day.

A relaxing massage isn’t a single job; traffic police officials will also be provided day and night eyesight glasses to protect them from the blazing sun and the immense rays of transportations. Appears like the good times are unquestionably here for our traffic policemen.

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