Latest Online Jobs for Students to earn while studying

online jobs for students

Become a Blogger


Blogging can provide a great opportunity for hostel students as they may have a lot of friends with different branded phones, laptops, electronics they can write reviews on those where they can earn by publishing on their own sites or they can sell to a third-party publisher

YouTube Personality 

Youtube Logo

Now-a-day’s most of them will spend their free time on YouTube so you can cash that by doing Short-films, web-series, or by doing any comic videos with your own YouTube channel 

Telegram Channel’s 

telegram logo

Create a Telegram channel and attract the audience by sharing movies, music, or viral videos once if you have a bigger size of channel with minimum no 25K+ audience you can charge any e-com or product based organization to promote their brands in your channel or you can sell your channel’s to them

Tie-up with marketing companies 

Marketing agencies

Many marketing companies need brand ambassadors to promote their brand, Mobile applications or to post reviews on Google for their brands as they will pay you per install or per review

Social Media Influencer 

social media influencer

Create social media channels. Once if you have a bigger audience you can make money through ads or selling those channels to third party publishers

Social Media Manager

social media manager

If you have good knowledge of social media you can earn money by handling social media accounts of any celebrities or company accounts to engage with their customers.

Earn with Amazon

amazon logo

Create an Amazon affiliate account where you can earn money by promoting amazon products as amazon will pay you commission for each sale through you

Vehicle Pooling

vehicle pooling

If you have a bike or car you can earn money through vehicle pooling mobile applications like Bla Bla, Quick pool etc by sharing your rides

Graphic Designer

graphic designer

If you have skills to make creative logos, banners or images become a Graphic Designer to earn money with your creative ideas

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