‘Indian citizens of any religion need not worry over CAA, NRC’


NEW DELHI: The government has told individuals not to get deluded and succumb to the misinformation campaign by vested interests over the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Sorted out under the stage ‘No NRC development’ which did an extreme online life crusade in the course of recent days to revitalize the individuals, the walk likewise criticized the National Population Register practice attempted in the nation considering it a piece of the trick to “announce real residents as infiltrators and put them in detainment focuses”.

Here is a reality sheet as Q&A dependent on contributions from government sources to assist individuals with understanding the issue.

Is NRC a part of the CAA?

No. CAA is a different law whereas NRC is different procedure. The CAA has come into power across the nation after its section from Parliament, while the NRC rules and procedures for the nation are yet to be decided. The NRC procedure that is going on in Assam has been executed by the Supreme Court and commanded by the Assam Accord.

Do Indian Muslims need to worry over CAA or NRC?

There is no need for an Indian resident of any religion to stress over the CAA or NRC.

Will NRC be for people of a specific religion?

No, NRC has nothing to do with any religion whatsoever. NRC is for each resident of India. It is a resident register, wherein the names of each Indian will be recorded.

Will individuals be excluded in NRC on strict grounds?

No, NRC isn’t about any religion whatsoever. At whatever point NRC will be implemented, it will nor be applied based on religion nor would it be able to be implemented based on religion. Nobody can be excluded just on the premise that he pursues a specific religion.

By directing NRC, will we be solicited to exhibit proofs from us being Indian?

Most importantly, it is essential to realize that at the national level, no declaration has been made to begin the NRC procedure. If it is implemented, it doesn’t imply that anybody will be requested for any proof of being Indian. NRC is just an ordinary procedure to enlist your name in the Citizens’ Register. Much the same as we present our identity cards or some other document for enlisting our names in the voter list or getting Aadhaar card made, comparative records will be given to NRC, as and when it is done.

How is citizenship chosen? Will it be in the hands of the govt?

Citizenship of any individual is decided on the basis of The Citizenship Rules, 2009. These guidelines depend on the Citizenship Act, 1955. This rule is open before everybody. These are five different ways for any individual to turn into a resident of India:

  1. Citizenship by birth
  1. Citizenship by descent

III. Citizenship by registration

  1. Citizenship by naturalization
  1. Citizenship by incorporation

Will you need to give details of birth of parents to prove your Indian citizenship?

It would be adequate for you to give the details of your birth, for example, date of birth, month, year and place of birth. In the event that you don’t have the details of your birth, at that point you should give similar details concerning your parents. Yet, there is positively no impulse to present any documents by the parents. Citizenship can be demonstrated by presenting any documents identified with date of birth and place of birth. In any case, a decision is yet to be taken on such acceptable documents. This is probably going to incorporate voter cards, passports, Aadhaar, licenses, protection papers, birth declarations, school leaving endorsements, records identifying with land or home or other comparative reports gave by government authorities. The rundown is probably going to incorporate more reports so no Indian resident needs to suffer unnecessarily.

Do I need to prove ancestry line going back before 1971?

No, for pre-1971 family history, you don’t need to present any kind of identity card or any documents like the birth certificate of parents/ancestors. It was essential just for the Assam NRC, in light of the ‘Assam Accord’ and the order of the Supreme Court. For the remainder of the nation, the NRC procedure is totally unique and under The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003.

If it is so simple to prove identity, at that point how 19 lakh individuals in Assam were affected because of NRC?

Infiltration is an old issue in Assam. To control it, there was a development and in 1985, the then Rajiv Gandhi government, to recognize the interlopers, needed to go into a consent to get ready NRC, accepting the cut-off date of 25 March 1971.

During NRC, will we be asked to show old documents, which are difficult to collect?

There is not at all like that. Normal records might be required to prove your identity. At the point when the NRC is declared at the national level, at that point rules and guidelines will be made for it so that nobody will confront any difficulty. The legislature has no expectation of bugging its residents or placing them in a difficult situation!

Imagine a scenario in which an individual is ignorant and doesn’t have important reports.

For this situation, the specialists will enable that individual to bring a witness. Additionally, other proof and community verification and so on will likewise be permitted. A legitimate procedure will be pursued. No Indian resident will be placed in a difficult situation.

There are countless individuals in India who don’t have homes, are poor and are not educated and they don’t have any basis of identity. What will befall such people?

This isn’t totally correct. Such individuals vote on some premise and they likewise get the advantage of the welfare schemes of the government. Their identity will be built up based on that.

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Does NRC exclude anybody for being transgender, atheist, adivasis, dalits, ladies and landless without/without documents?


No, NRC, as and when executed, doesn’t influence any of the mentioned above.

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