How to do Startup Funding in India?

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Several times, companies with prominent capabilities collapse due to cheap funding to their start-ups. This is due to a shortage of information concerning the procedures in which start-up funding can be availed in India. We must accordingly embellish the same in addressed here, which can appear to help any businessperson seeing for funding ways for their start-up.

The following points have been addressed in this column:

  • Regarding Start-up Funding in India
  • Procedures to Fund Start-up

Regarding Startup Funding in India

How to do Startup Funding in India?

Several start-ups in India, with a large capacity to succeed, end up losing due to a shortage of finance. No matter how creative or unique your business idea is, it appears totally difficult to perform without decent funding. Although there is invariably a choice to grow funds from your family members and dear ones, that too is not reasonable every single time. This puts the inquiry of the different opportunities possible to Indian businesspeople for growing funds to drive their businesses easily.

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In reference to a study, every year about 70% of individuals go for a start-up but due to the subjects of funds, their market starts to sink. As their ideas begin to take wings, funding grows the necessary breeze underneath those wings. Each businessperson seems to acknowledge the difficulty of the methods in which they can finance their start-up.

Procedures to Fund Startups

We have several opportunities by which you can obtain the funds needed to begin your miniature business and drive it sleekly.

There are six methods by which you can fund your whole startup to stimulate services at the range at which you aspire. Though there is no particular method for startup funding, you can practice various methods out of the procedures discussed underneath in position to give working resources for your business.

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Angel Investments:

Angel Investors are investors who are patient enough to fund with their capital which is excess and supports so as to improve your business enterprise win. These are really the investors with a huge concern in funding in a few of the impressive and innovative plans. Angel investors have supported to start up various leading organizations, including Yahoo, Google, and Alibaba. This alternative method of funding usually happens in initial steps of development of a business, with investors expecting up to 30% equity.

Business Incubators and Accelerator:

Very early stage businesses can consider Incubator and Accelerators as a method for funding their operations and acquiring the resources for production and service delivery. Incubators are primarily business nurturers which provide shelter tools, training, and network to grow the businesses. The business accelerator is a similar prospect to incubators but as the name suggests, it is a stimulating procedure which makes businesses take giant leaps of progression. Usually, an incubator program runs for about 4-8 months.


Bootstrapping, also identified as self-funding, is basically a start-up funding method which involves making the working funds for the firm from its own pocket. In bootstrapping, the concerned business owner has to get the funds into their savings or even within investments via family and relatives. The scheme of raising capitals from friends and family is quite easy as it has lesser compliance’s. There are various upsides to raise capital for your firm by the method of bootstrapping.


Crowdfunding has swiftly developed to be one of the innovative and unique techniques to raise fund for any specific business venture. Crowdfunding is essentially a startup funding procedure which means catching a loan in the order of pre-orders, participation, and finance. This investment includes the manufacturing costs of the goods and supplies acquiring for the performance of services after the production platform.

Raise Funds through Competitions:

A number of technological competitions are carried all beyond the world for tech start-ups and additional startups to demonstrate their worth and distinction in their field by way of competitions. Acquiring these competitions, which are financed by some of the largest corporations in the world, could also benefit the business by supporting it in getting some media coverage for the startup.

Venture Capital Investments:

Venture Capital Investment is one of the significant paths that various businesses demand operating funds for their startups. Venture Capital is when you really bet your venture toward the business. Venture Capital is essentially a professionally administered fund which is funded by venture capitalist firms in companies with high growth potential. Venture capital evaluation of an organization is said to be a litmus test for the management the business is going to take.

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