Here is the Rajasthan Cop Who Founded a school for kids who use to beg on streets, 450 children will be educated


Churu-based Dharamveer Jakhar has begun a free school, Apni Pathshala, for children who are underprivileged in his district. The cop is providing education and school supplies and wants to assure kids don’t get hindered by any sorts of incidents.

Revolution is the final outcome of learning and education. Aware that knowledge may be one of the means to uplift India’s weak and unfortunate, a cop from Rajasthan is supporting children in his community to take a headstart. Applauding from Rajasthan’s Churu region, Dharamveer Jakhar has inaugurated a free school, Apni Pathshala, for underprivileged children in the region. Started on January 1, 2016, the school, resided near women’s police station at district headquarters, now educates 450 children who formerly used to beg on the roads.



Apart from education, the school grants free stocks, including dresses, books, kits, and others, to students. But what drove the policeman to start a school? Dharamveer stated, “When I spoke to those kids, they informed me they don’t have parents or any other families. Initially, I assumed they must be lying but I traveled to their slums and discovered out that they were saying the truth. I thought if I don’t serve them, they will spend their complete life pleading and began teaching them for an hour every day,” states New Indian Express. The school currently operates classes from Classes I to VII. As several as 360 students are in the lower classes while 90 students are studying in Classes VI and VII. A van carries the children from school to their home and vice versa each day. A regular channel of connection among the school and student’s parents is reported to regulate absenteeism. Dharamveer is assisted by two female constables in this attempt.


“There are several families who arrived from UP and Bihar to work here. We have inspired their kids to study and not to quit once they go back to their native home. Some kids have been permitted to assemble trash as their parents won’t permit them to come to school. Therefore, we chose to allow them to do it later after school. By this idea, at least they get to come,” said Dharamveer, according to the New Indian Express. It’s not simple for Dharamveer to run the school as the monthly charges amount to Rs 1.5 lakh. He is running this with donations directed by Facebook campaigns.

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