Hello Kalaburagians! Explore the newly arrived Luck in your city.


Hello Kalaburagians!

Mount Litera Zee school Gulbarga

Are you searching for the best school to educate your child?

Do you want to ensure that your child’s future is in the best hands? 

Mount Litera Zee School is here at Kalaburagi to give your child the best education and help them evolve this era with a high level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

The word “EDUCATION” is derived from the Latin word “Educare” which means to nourish, bring up, or to lead out.  Just like the phrase, the Zee School Educates the child to bring out the best and make them great leaders for the upcoming generation.

Education should foster real understanding!
They strongly believe that education is not only based on teaching but also understanding and nourishing your child. They teach your child beyond academics. They include life skills, values, moral values and also good habits that every child needs in their day to day life. They use unique teaching techniques to help your child get conceptual clarity.

The implementation of technology in teaching helps your child use them as a tool for development and not as a luxury asset.

Educating beyond academics!
The school management ensures that the school kids get the best out of their campus. They make sure your child not only excels in knowledge and academics but also in Sports, Vegetable cultivation, Robotics, and Music classes.

  • The students of Zee school have thrived to come forward to promote the concept of the Vegetable garden along with organic farming.
  • Robotics has become an important tool for the students of our school. As everyone knows, science is an innovative tool in the growth of a nation. Our children are well trained in robotics so that, this would cultivate a process of scientific reasoning from their early ages of growth.
  • A sport is not only a physical activity but also a stress buster and a mood enhancer. The students in our campus grow physically and mentally as we have a well-managed and spacious Volleyball court, Basketball court, Tennis court, above all the Cricket net, and a Green grass Football ground like every child would dream. We not only see their dreams but also help them excel in it.
  • “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” We create the Music makers and the dreamers that dream high.

Identifies a child’s learning ability:
Teachers are those who find talent in every child. The teachers at Mount Litera Zee School are well trained to know how each child is different and unique in their own ways. They provide special care for each child, they go further beyond education and identify each child’s ability and teach them the way they learn and not suppress them with the regular way of teaching.

The Campus:
The school management ensures a spacious play area, beautifully arranged activity room, and the suitable infrastructure of the school encourages and creates an urge in your child to come and learn.

Mount Litera Zee School

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