Google Introduced Google Nest Mini in India


A simple update to Google’s most affordable rebranded smart speaker

As per Google, the Nest Mini is a more powerful, smarter variant of the Google Home Mini as the company starts to blend its Nest addition with its core product line.

If you’re happily chatting away to a little fabric blob to obtain out the weather, listen to a recipe, play a podcast or ask what the city of Fiji is then the Nest Mini is one of the most affordable and secure voice assistant speakers you can purchase.

Consider it as a just-as-capable-but-not-as-loud sibling to the bigger Google Home, which has not however rebranded to Nest, confusingly. If it’s audio chops you’re after though, then Google Home is presently only £40 more at £89. But the benefit of the Nest Mini is its size and the performance of putting one in different rooms of your house.

Despite its little size, the speaker can fill a place as well as a movable radio and will do whatever you want so high as you ask it nicely.


You’d have to be the Columbo of customer tech to put the Nest Mini aside from the traditional Home Mini. Neither would you recognize the fabric speaker case is now manufactured from recycled plastic jars. There’s a fetching new sky-blue shade – we interpreted the regular chalk – and there are also red and black variants.

A new addition is a built-in wall mount that allows you to hang the Nest Mini up like an altered smart device. Once you get over the odd look, it means the speaker is around head height and can sound better in the right place related to when it’s on a counter or desk.

You’ll still require to have it filled in of course, and that plug is now throughout one rather than the old version’s micro-USB. You still notice the physical switch on the side that turns off the built-in microphone if you don’t want the Nest Mini hearing to your every beck and call, but while it does execute the thing worthless.

The highest honor you can give the Nest Mini is that Amazon followed the plan for its newest Echo Dot, which did seem like a plastic black hockey puck. The Nest Mini is the usual minimalist of intelligent home gadgets; attractive, humble and zen – when it’s not making a sound, that is.



Google alleges the bass of the Nest Mini is two times more reliable than previously. We conform with the claim, but we can’t suggest the thing as a replacement hi-fi. It’s ideal for playing podcasts in the kitchen or picking up on the shipping forecast, but once you begin playing the song it’s not about that bass, simply treble. We quickly got ourselves rolling down the jams and leading for the Sonos.

But for the less discerning music fan, the Nest Mini is startlingly loud for its size and doesn’t distort at high volumes – you’ll be happy with the sound of it for the price you’re paying.

Another improvement here is the far-field voice recognition – we didn’t have to shout over loud music to get the Nest Mini to hear us. Even with guitars and drums blaring a quiet “OK Google” from the other side of the room is enough to see the four-dot lights fire up. Often, we had to say our command louder than the trigger words, but it’s impressive nonetheless and shows Google has stuffed some decent microphones into this little thing.


If you exist in Google’s world (and let’s confront it, many of us do) then the Google Nest Mini is the reliable, most affordable way to get into the smart home game besides the £45 Echo Dot with Clock. If you want a close alliance with your Google calendar and apps, then the Nest Mini acquires out.

It’s worth acknowledging that the better-sounding Google Home is only £40 more extra, however, if you need a little smart speaker to hold in the kitchen, you get a radio, encyclopedia, recipe book and timer all in one. The point works just as well in all rooms in the home is a justification to fork out for many.

If you’ve viewed this far then you won’t mind about the case you present up your data for the benefit – the Nest Mini is excellent worth for money.

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