Google About To Spend Up to $1.5 Million to ‘hack’ Pixel Smartphones

Google About To Spend Up to $1.5 Million to ‘hack’ Pixel Smartphones

Bug bounty programs are pretty normal for tech corporations where they request security researchers to point out flaws and bugs in their hardware and software. Most firms do pay a lot of money if ‘hackers’ are victorious in facing out any vulnerabilities in their goods.

Google will now spend up to $1.5 million if anyone is capable to hack Pixel smartphones.

In a blog column, the company published, “Today, we’re growing the business and improving reward amounts. We are proposing a top prize of $1 million for a full chain remote code performance utilize with persistence which negotiates the Titan M solid element on Pixel gadgets.”

The Titan M chip that is located in new Pixel devices is an enterprise-grade safety chip custom-built for Google’s smartphones to defend the most delicate on-device data and operating system. Titan M has been labeled as becoming the most “strong” ranking in the built-in protection section out of all designs estimated. “This is why we’ve created a dedicated prize to reward researchers for exploits found to avoid the secure components protections,” explained Google.

That’s saying all Google has also published additional rewards for those who can ‘hack’ or face out imperfections in Android variants. “Moreover, we will be beginning a special program allowing a 50% bonus for achievements found on particular developer research versions of Android, indicating our top prize is now $1.5 million,” said the organization in the blog column.

Google began its bug bounty program for Android four years back in 2015. In the blog column, the company also disclosed that it has bestowed over 1,800 reports in the last four years and gave close to $4 million to bug bounty hunters. In the last 12 months, the organization has given over $1.5 million to those that have shown out vulnerabilities in its operations.

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