Employment in India Post Lockdown

Employement post COVID

A global pandemic, COVID-19 has impacted industrial sectors, businesses, and jobs in India. This has not only led to a shift in the way we function but is also an indicator for us to rethink the future of employment. Coronavirus outbreak has and is continuing to affect the education sector and jobs in industries across the globe. Most industries and businesses stopped their operations because of the spread of Coronavirus. Except for some essential services and commodities. Only selected sectors are having a stable situation despite the nationwide lockdown. But most sectors are struggling to start over again and employment will probably continue to struggle even post lockdown.


The lockdown has not affected the digital sector. The businesses that are a part of the digital world have only risen in usage. Studies show that unemployment rose from 6.7% to 26%. The Prime Minister asked high-income businesses to take care of the needs of all those who provide the services

Uncertainty Post Lockdown

Migrant Workers 2020
Image Source – TheIndianExpress

The migrant workers raised concerns regarding the implementation of the orders. Because many daily-wagers have no records of salaries being paid or deducted. The concerns also expand to uncertainty in the government’s ability to enforce minimum wages under lockdown. Due to the lockdown, daily-wage workers including the urban poor and migrant labourers were left with no work. At the same time, the lockdown restrictions put a stop on the movement of buses and trains. Thus, they didn’t have any way to travel back to their villages. Large numbers of migrant workers ended up walking back to there villages.

Some of the sectors such as the telecommunication, logistics, and IT companies are not affected by the pandemic. These deal with customer needs and work for clients did not see any effect due to lockdown. But, there has been a significant fall in employment and people not getting financial help due to this pandemic.

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