Different Methods for applying for Voter Id Card


A Voter ID Card also called as Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is a photo identity card provided by the Election Commission of India to all the citizens of India who are qualified to vote. The motive of voter ID is to benefit as an identity proof for voters, higher effectiveness and stop the fraud and impersonation throughout free and fair democratic elections.  This card is also often called as a voter ID card or election card, or voter’s card.

Formation of Voter ID

A voter ID card is an acquired form of personal identification in India as it is provided by a government body. The Voter ID card contains the following details:

  • A unique Serial number
  • Name of card holder
  • A hologram containing the respective state/national symbol
  • Card holder’s
  • father’s Name of card holder
  • Photograph of the cardholder
  • Card holder’s date of Birth
  • Gender

The residential address and signature of the cardholder of the providing authority i.e. officer of Electoral registration are on the voter ID card’s rear side.

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Methods to Apply for a Voter ID Card

An Indian citizen can apply for a voter ID card in three methods:

  1. Online
  • Applicant must start the process by opening the website of national voter’s service portal (NSVP)
  • Select the applicable option to do the registration for new voter id
  • The online ‘form 6’ will display on the screen and then the applicants have to fill in all the information in form 6 and submit the form.
  • In addition, applicants must upload supporting documents and a photo, alluding to Status of Voter ID.
  1. Semi-Online
  • Applicants must start by opening the website of national voter’s service portal (NSVP)
  • Upload ‘form 6’ and fill in the relevant information in the form.
  • When form 6 is completed, submit it along with supporting documents and a photo at an Election Office close to you through either post or personally.
  1. Offline
  • Applicants must go to the closest State Election office and request there for Form 6.
  • Fill ‘form 6’ with relevant information and give all the supporting documents including address proof, Identity proof, etc. After the form is filled, the applicants may submit it to the regarded election office.
  • When the form will be verified, the Voter ID will be provided.

Note: Voter ID is only provided after the required verification of all documents and information given by the applicants.

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Documents Needed For Voter ID Card:

For Applying for a Voters ID card, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Photograph

Eligibility for Voter ID Card:

For being eligible to apply for a Voter ID card, individuals must be the following:

  • An Indian Citizen
  • 18 years old
  • An individual with a permanent address

Points to be noted before applying for a Voter ID

Voter ID is a crucial document essential for an Indian citizen as it gives him/her the authority to practice a radical duty of giving a vote in democratic elections. Voter ID also works as a physical proof of identity and address.

Following things which should be kept noted:

  • The minimum age of the applicants must be of 18 years.
  • They should be of a stable mental condition, untied of criminal charges and should not be bankrupt financially.
  • They should fill out all the necessary documents including Form 6 and should verify whether they have given the relevant original documents or not.
  • Applicants must individually apply for Voter ID only by government or government authenticated websites and centers.
  • Applicants must verify the information including the spelling of their name, date of birth, address and so on, in order to correct them in case its wrong.
  • Applicants must also make sure that all details provided by them are legally accurate in all aspects.
  • After successfully getting the Voter ID, applicants must reassure that the details of their documents and Voter ID are correct.

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Verification of the Voter ID

Applicants can verify their Voter ID in order to know that whether their ID is fake or not by using their Voter ID card number. The applicant will have to open the authentic website of the Chief Electoral Officer of their state or the closest office of the state election.  In doing the same they must look and check if their name is there in the electoral roll, after which they can cross-check the information. If there are any differences, the applicants must bring it to the eye of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Steps to confirm Voter ID card:

  1. Open the website of National Voters Services Portal (NVSP)
  2. Click the “Search name in the electoral roll” option.
  3. Enter your information and confirm

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Voter ID Card Rectification in Electoral roll

Cardholders who want to make relevant rectifications of their information in their voter ID card can do so by themselves going to the closest election office or going to the national voter’s service portal online and do as mentioned in the following steps:

If your information in the Voter ID card is not correct not to worry, fill in the “Form 8” pointing out the rectifications to be made in your voter ID and submit the form along with necessary supporting documents to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) or on the portal online. After the submission of the documents, the ERO will operate your application and make the relevant rectifications in your voter ID.

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Uses of Voter ID card

The Voter ID card is used to provide relevant information including:

  • The card works as an identity and address proof.
  • Voter ID card is a recognition that the cardholder is a voter who is already registered.
  • Voter ID has some of the features of personal identification including the cardholder’s photograph & signature.
  • The Voter ID card can be used to get benefits from various schemes of the government.

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Tracking the Voter ID Application Status

Voter ID applicants can now track their application status with the help of the website of State Election Commission. Each state of India has their separate election commission website.

To track the voter ID status:

  • Go to the official website of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).
  • Choose the ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrolment’ option.
  • You can apply to the National Voters’ Services Portal too and choose the ‘Search your Name in the electoral roll’ option.

Step 1 – Fill the number of application or EPIC.

Step 2 – Enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Father’s name
  • District constituency
  • Date of birth
  • State

Now go to search and get details on your voter ID card status.

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In case you have not received Voter ID

If you have not yet got your Voter ID card, don’t worry. Just follow the following instructions:

  • Go to the closest election office or the official website of the CEO.
  • Enter your reference number and information that you got after the form 6 submission.
  • Choose the ‘Track Status’ option.
  • You will get the updated status of your application on the display.

If there are any difficulties in receiving the voter ID card, you can yourself go to the state election office and correct things.

NRI Voter ID

Indians who are non-resident can still practice their right to vote. Now, even the NRIs can apply for their Voter ID card online or offline if they are in India and willing to have their Voter IDs.  NRIs have to be there in the country and they should be a part of the country to cast their vote and cannot vote from far away, as of now.