Did ‘Boycott China’ actually affect the economy of China?

boycott china
Image source: Trade Brains

India boycotted lots of Chinese products recently because of ongoing Galwan Valley conflict. Now, the country has developed this anti-china rage within them and they are displaying it by boycotting its products and services. 59 Chinese applications are the major products or services that were banned by the Indian Government. As the user base of these products were high in India so China generated huge revenue from India on a daily basis. So, the main question that arises here is boycotting products of China (Boycott China) actually going to affect its economy or not? Let’s find out!

boycott china
Image source: Trade Brains

Why Boycott China?

From a very long time, India is dependent on China for diverse reasons. And being a very close neighbouring country it makes the trade really feasible. China produces so many semi-finished products, which are arranged or assembled in India. Even India has few companies of its own. But still, we import small parts from China because of its cost-effectiveness and availability.

Boycotting Chinese products (Boycott China) gives India a chance of being more self-reliant, but that will obviously take time. So, for fulfilling the present demand and keeping in mind the current sour relationship with China, the best alternative is to import goods from other countries. Now, that will definitely burn a hole in people’s pockets, because trading from countries that are far from India increase the cost and taxes.


If India Boycotts all of its Chinese products, more than China it is our country that will suffer. China is not solely dependent on India for its trade. There are lots of countries in the world that has trade pacts and good relations with China. Boycotting 59 Chinese applications has definitely affected the revenue of the Chinese economy. But not on a large scale because the user base of these applications is vast and used worldwide. In conclusion, the Indian boycott of Chinese products has not much affected the Chinese economy. Now, is the time for India to become self-reliant, by manufacturing its own products and spreading its logistics.

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