Best Investment Alternatives in India: 2019


#26. Monthly Income Scheme of Mutual Fund

Particulars MIS – Post Office MIS – Mutual Fund
Interest Rates Fixed 7.7% Market movement
Time to multiply 9.35 years N A
TDS applicability No TDS TDS applied
Investments N A. 20:80
Equity: Debt
Investment Limit Rs. 4.5 Lacs – Individual
Rs. 9 Lacs – Jointly
No limit

Essential Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing 

#1. Goals and Proposed Returns 

  • There is a reason for which you need to invest, which can be anything from making a retirement corpus, for the marriage of kids, purchasing a house, excursion or lavish vehicle.
  • Knowing the objectives and the cash required causes you to plan sensibly and keeps you engaged on your investment path.
  • Further, when you know your objectives, at that point choosing investment alternatives turns out to be simple. It could be said, you realize the profits given by every alternative and the sort of investment you have to pick so as to arrive at the objectives.

#2. Investment Time 

Returns or procuring can’t occur incidentally. You have to search for coordinating timeframe where the cash can develop adequately to satisfy your ideal objective.

 #3. Crisis Factors 

Indeed, even in the wake of knowing objectives, you ought not to contribute hurriedly on the benefits giving most astounding returns or resources with the least time span. On account of the hazard factors and hazard taking capacities. The two components vary from individual to individual.

For instance, an individual new at a sumptuous job wouldn’t fret losing Rs. 25,000 on value. While a similar sum is adequate for an old individual to meet his month to month costs and the sum should be protected.

A salaried individual may have unexpected budgetary needs in comparison to that of the specialist. Henceforth, they have diverse hazard taking capacities and they face distinctive hazard factors.

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