Best Investment Alternatives in India: 2019


#6. Direct Equity Investment 

All the equity investments bring higher risks and therefore are also capable of producing very huge profits. Opt for equity investment choice if you are satisfied wasting as much as 50% of the capital.

The last 1-year return of NSE is 12.40% and in the least, 2 years made a 26.5% returns. Furthermore, shares of blue-chip corporations have given huge profits in the near past.

What All We Prefer

  • Approx return per year = 18%
  • Years took  to multiply the investment = 4 years

High-Risk Ratio.

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#7. Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds
Source- Money Crashers

Mutual funds are the most reliable and the most suitable way of funding in the businesses when you do not possess the time and expertise.

The investment mutual funds have produced consistently greater returns. With funds like L&T India Value, Mirae Asset India and ICICI Prudential Blue Chip giving 3 years return in the limit of 14% to 18%.

The investment in mutual funds can be a mass sum or repeated SIP for a measure as low as Rs. 500.

What All We Prefer

  • Approx return per year = 16%
  • Years took to multiply the investment = 4.5 years


  • High-Risk Ratio.
  • Affected by changes in NSE/ BSE
  • Fund houses charge cost ratio (1.05%).

#8. Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate presents rental revenue and capital appreciation. The higher appreciation is expected to oblige office space and increase of the corporate atmosphere.

But the location, building quality, market space rent, and the market-supply represents a significant part in determining profits.

A great investment in office and shop areas not only gets higher returns however also aids in the diversification of investment assets.

What All We Prefer

  • Approx return per year = 12%
  • Years took  to multiply the investment = 6 years


• Trading real estate needs time.
• Varies from property to property based on area.

#9. Initial Public Offer (IPO)

The most satisfying part of investing in IPO is that the capital gets blocked only for 7 to 15 days. Prudent investment in a great organization appearing out with IPO can fetch results as high as 20-25% over a span of time.

What All We Prefer

  • Approx return per year = 20%
  • Years took to multiply the investment = 3.6 years


  • Quite high risk.
  • Matter of market activities

Most Suitable Investment Plan for 1 Year

#10. Fixed Deposit

FDs are the most reliable and safe investment alternatives presented by banks and post offices which earn greater interest rates than a savings account.

Any excess cost which you are not continuing to practice for a specific duration of time can be carefully placed into a fixed deposit.

Bank vs. Post Office Fixed Deposits

Particulars Bank FD Post Office FD
Interest Rates 5.75% to 8% 6.6% to 7.4%
Time to multiply investment 9 years 9.7 years
Tenure 7 days to 10 years 1 to 5 years
Min deposit total differ from bank to bank Rs. 200
Tax profit On 5-year tax saver On 5-year tax saver


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