Best Investment Alternatives in India: 2019


We completely hold investment strategies and we all are continually in the quest for a more suitable investment opportunity. Though we all worry about spending in the incorrect spot.

You must spend only after getting the pro and cons of the investment alternative. I am striving to keep everything simple for you.

I have completed an in-depth analysis of all possible investment alternatives and placed the most reliable authorized investment alternatives in India. You can spend based on your requirements and risk-taking capabilities.

Let us know some investment basics before diving into investment preference.

How to Multiply your Investment

There is nothing as multiplying wealth overnight. It can occur only in fantasies but allow me to inform you that there is a simple method to determine the quantity of time used for your money to get multiplied.

The method is the Rule of 72.

The expected time duration to multiply = 72/ rate of interest.

For instance, if you need to know immediately, in how much time Rs. 10,000 will convert Rs. 20,000 granted that you spend at an interest rate of 8%.

Then the result would be, 72/8= 9 years.

If you spend in something that provides 24% returns?

72/24 = 3 years only to multiply your investment

If someone promises you to give multiply money in 2 years then he is giving you 36% returns, which are unrealistic. Most likely it’s a scam.

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Increase Money With Direction of Compounding

We have learned the term compounding right from our school times. Only rather few have efficiently practiced the power for large term money-making. You might be shocked if you allow the magic to perform over a span of time.

Compounding is just- making interest on the principal, reinvesting all the profits and then receiving not only the interest on principal but including interest on interest from the following year onwards.

In a design, compounding, assists you create a huge corpus across a stretch of time yet with a little primary investment.

However, for the magic to occur, you need two things. One is beginning early and the other is manage on reinvesting over a time span, say 10 years to 20 years.

The further you make that occur the higher you accumulate money.

Let us understand how!

Assume today you spend 1 Lac at a compound rate of 8% and kept reinvesting all the profits. Then the next 10 years, the funds will convert into Rs. 2.15 Lacs,  then convert into Rs. 4.66 Lacs following 20 years, and later Rs. 10.06 Lacs near 30 years.

In the primary years, you notice that the profits are not as prominent but in the following years, the profits rise exponentially. Which is due to the compounding impact.

Beginning early provides more opportunity for the magic, i.e. compounding to occur. Let us see three situations.

The aim is to gather a corpus of money by the age of 60 years. Investment cost Rs. 1 Lac each year and considering that the compound interest rate holds 8%.

Scenario 1

Spending each year from age 20 to 40

Rs. 2.13 Crores total at 60 years

Scenario 2

Spending every year from age 30 to 50

Rs. 0.99 Crores total at 60 years

Scenario 3

Spending every year from age 40 to 60

Rs. 0.46 Crores total at 60 years

You can know that the outcomes are strikingly diverse yet the investment is for 20 year period in all scenarios.

You create a total of Rs. 2.13 Crores just by beginning quickly at the age of 20 years as contrasted to Rs. 46 Lacs when beginning late at the age of 40 years.

This is because you receive an additional time span of 20 years for the money to get compounded.

In this method, compounding magnifies the mass and maximizes the earning potential of your capital.

PRO TIP – Begin early, hold more extended time limit and do not eliminate principal or interest.

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Best Investment Alternatives for a Salaried Person

#1. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Source-Paisa Bazaar

Aside from your regular pension offering, an investment in PPF report can conserve much of tax as all the collaterals given are deductible below section 80C.

Moreover, all the collected principal and interest are released from tax at the point of withdrawal.

What All We Prefer

  • More increased interest rate than bank fixed deposit
  • Returns are tax-free
  • Duration took to multiply the investment = 9 years


  • The PPF account can not be settled before 15 years.
  • Partial withdrawal is permissible simply after fulfillment of 6 years.
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