Amazon Performing Remarkably Well in India Says, Jeff Bezos


Ecommerce monster Amazon is doing “extremely well” in India, its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos stated while revealing concern for administrative assurance in the nation.

Bezos’ comments came in light of an inquiry on Amazon’s concerns over some Indian approaches about digitization.

“Administrative solidness is what we would consistently seek after India. Whatever the guidelines are … they are steady in time and that is something we’re trusting will currently be valid. We will look after it,” Bezos stated, uninvolved of his induction within the National Portrait Gallery in Washington on Sunday.

Bezos said Amazon was performing very well in India. “Our business in India is achieving remarkably well. It’s spreading very quickly.”

He said, Amit Agarwal, the head of Amazon’s India services, with whom he has gone for 20 years, was an exceptional leader and is doing remarkably well.

Replying to another question, the Amazon head said he “surely” wants to go to space, saying that he is becoming a big deal of fun doing everything that he does.

Conducting out a 2020 White House run, Bezos said he has a lot of different things he wants to accomplish and is currently concentrated on them.

“Governing and running are two separate skill sets,” he said.

The US-based Amazon is drawing in over Rs 4,400 crore (more than $600 million) in its different units in India, including marketplace and food retail, to present them more resources to fight toward arch-rival Flipkart.

Amazon, which is fastened in a fight against Flipkart, had recorded combined losses of over Rs 7,000 crore across different units in 2018-19.

Bezos had engaged investment worth $5 billion in the Indian business in 2016. On Friday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, with a net value of $110 billion, replaced Bezos as the world’s wealthiest person.

Amazon and battling Flipkart have been drawing in millions of dollars over several services like a marketplace, foundation, and equipment chain management as well as selling and advertising as they look to establish their status in the Indian eCommerce market.

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