All about the PAYTM mini-app store

Paytm mini store
Image Source: PayTm

Revolutionizing the Indian technology, Paytm has launched its own app store, known as the PAYTM mini app store. It is a multifunctional platform where several different apps can be accessed without downloading them separately. This app would help the users to save their data and phone memories enabling them to reach any other app by using a single application.

What exactly is a mini-app store

Mini apps are custom-built mobile apps which can be developed with a low budget using HTML or JavaScript. These are web-based apps that give the users experience of real apps without even installing them on their devices. The PAYTM mini app store will act as a display for these applications, where the customers can use the desired apps through one application. According to the statement released by CEO of PAYTM Vijay Shekhar, currently, there are 300+ apps synced for the functioning and the company is inviting several other developers to be a part of this revolution.

How this is different from Google App Store

Unlike the Google App Store, the mini-app store is developed to supports web-based applications, that facilitate operations without installing. On Google App Store, the users have to install and sign in to the application before using it. Paytm mini-app store saves the efforts of the users by providing different applications within a single app.

Advantage to Indian Developers

The mini-app store was brought with a motive to aid the Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission by enabling Indian app developers to feature their apps at a known platform. Initially, PAYTM is listing and distributing these apps in the mini-app store without any costs. This is a great initiative to uplift the small app developers, as the company is levying zero charges on the use of Paytm wallets, Paytm bank accounts, and UPI transfers and charging as low as 2% on payments through debit or credit cards. It is also helpful to them as it ensures a wide reach of the app without charging a huge amount. The Indian developers will get a reach of more than 15 million regular Paytm users, who can enjoy a hindrance free experience by keeping just one application on their device.

This initiative is taken with a view to enable India and Indian app developers to strengthen the technological roots and cope with the speedily growing global economy. By this Paytm is trying to contribute to the growth of the country by creating opportunities and employment.

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