7th Grade Hyderabad Student Selected by a Software Company to Work as a Data Scientist


  • 12-year-old Siddharth Srivastav Pilli has been selected for the role of a data scientist
  • He is a student at Sri-Chaitanya Techno Schools

HYDERABAD: Having motivation from his dad who found cloud computing and artificial intelligence at a youthful age, a class seven understudy has made another benchmark by getting assigned as a data scientist at a product organization in Hyderabad. The 12-year-old kid, Siddharth Srivastav Pilli, a class 7 understudy of Sri Chaitanya School, works for Montaigne Smart Business Solutions.

The youthful data scientist said he used to play a ton of games which inspired him to make one after which he began contemplating different possibilities. Pilli said he was empowered by his parents since the beginning.

“My greatest motivation for joining a software company is Tanmay Bakshi because he found a new line of work in Google at an extremely youthful age as a designer and is helping the world see how wonderful the Artifical Intelligence (AI) revolution is,” Siddharth told ANI.

Expressing gratitude toward his father for getting him keen on coding from an exceptionally little age he stated, “The person who helped me a great deal to find a new line of work at a young age is my father, who used to show me various biographies and teach me coding. Everything I am today is because of him.”

The young boy now wants to become an entrepreneur and help the community.

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